Heat shrink insulation is designed to protect electrical wires from excessive heat. Popular products used for this type of task are insulating tapes and heat shrink sleeves

Insulation tapes

Insulation tapes are commonly available products used in electrical installation work. They are easy to install, so you can accurately attach them to the wire. The tapes come in a variety of colors and parameters. If you want to enjoy high effectiveness of isolating tape, you should pay special attention not to the color, but the width, length and strength of the adhesive. Products from the top shelf are characterized by very high strength, so it is not worth saving on this type of elements.

How to insulate the cable with insulating tape?

For example, if we need to protect the damaged insulation, we do not need to unwind the entire section of the cable. A good solution is to stick the beginning of the tape on the insulation of the cable next to its torn part. Then we move the tape in the direction of the damage, trying to keep it slightly stretched, until we reach the insulation of the cable on the other side, where there is no more damage

If the damage is small and the tape is much wider, we can wrap the tear in the same place several times and the fault will be repaired.

Caution: Before insulating the torn part, we should make sure that the cable is not dirty or dusty, because it may reduce the adhesion of the adhesive. To cut the insulating tape it is best to use side cutters.

Heat shrinkable tubes

In an electrical supply room, it’s also a good idea to have heat shrink sleeves (or heat shrink tubing), which we can purchase in various sizes. These are specific covers for cables made of material that shrinks under the influence of heat. Thanks to these properties, heatshrink tubing adheres tightly to the cables, providing them with excellent insulation and longer service life. Heat Shrinkable Tubing is ideal for insulating large diameter cables

Attention: Heat insulating sleeve is not as universal as tape. For this reason, before buying it, we must carefully measure the diameter of the cable, which is to protect.

Let’s remember that properly selected heat-shrink sleeve allows to carry out effective insulation. Although its installation is not as simple as in the case of tape – heat shrink sleeve provides better insulation.

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