The arrangement of the living room has the fact that it should include specific elements, which, as we know, everyone selects according to his taste, needs and preferences. These definitely include a comfortable sofa, a bookcase or chest of drawers, a TV set with RTV cabinet and, of course, a coffee table. When we decide to keep the living room in vintage style, we can successfully create this last piece of furniture ourselves, making it truly unique. What’s more, we can save considerable money in the process. How to do it? 

Do it yourself

Making a coffee table ourselves may scare us a bit at first. However, it is quite a representative piece of furniture that will catch the eye, so it is important that it is really beautiful. In addition, it should also be functional and practical. There are, of course, models that require us to do more, for example, when cleaning or for daily use, but in our opinion, comfort is the key. 

The vintage style has it that it combines modern functionality with furniture with soul. Interestingly, when deciding on furniture in this style, we don’t always have to direct our steps to furniture stores or spend hours searching online. Vintage allows us to scrounge and search for old gems, which with a little effort and work of refreshing and renewing them, will shine again, and most importantly, we won’t spend crores on them. Why? All we have to do is thoroughly search the attics or basements of our parents or grandparents. We can find amazing gems there. If this is not possible, there are still flea markets, antique stores and antique stores, but in the latter the prices may be higher, but also the furniture will probably not need any more adjustments. 

DIY coffee table

We can create an original vintage coffee table basically in two ways. The first is to refurbish an old piece of furniture, using half-finished items we have or combining several pieces into one beautiful piece of furniture. The second option, a tad more challenging, is to create a piece of furniture from scratch – here the advantage is freedom and liberty. This is also a good option when we have found our dream piece of furniture, but cannot afford it. We guarantee you that by making it yourself, you will save a lot. 

Recycled coffee table 

Furniture in vintage style can refer, for example, to the communist era. Usually these were low benches on wooden or metal legs, on which a lacquered top was placed. Modern vintage likes all kinds of rubbing, which we will do with sandpaper, and then the surface can be protected with a clear varnish.

Here we can also successfully use the base of an old table and match the top to it. In the classic version, it can be a furniture board veneered in high gloss and matched in color to the rest of the interior. An interesting option will also be to use instead of a typical top, for example, an old travel suitcase. As a precautionary version, a glass top can land on it, which will protect the surface and give the whole thing a bit of modern flair. Also suitable for an unusual tabletop will be slices of wood or larger wooden boards with visible grain. After fixing them, for example, on black metal legs and varnishing the top, the whole will gain a unique character. Moreover, this piece of furniture will become a real decoration of your living room.

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