Vintage style is still very popular. It also looks great in modern terms. In minimalist interiors there are stylish furniture with a soul, hunted at auctions, which just need to refresh to gain a new shine! How to do it? We invite you for a short instruction on how to refresh an oak table.

Furniture with soul

Second-hand furniture is becoming more and more popular. Oak tables are currently a popular target. Accompanied by upholstered, colourful chairs, they become a real heart of the house at which the whole family willingly meets. However, before the hunted trophy appears at home, it is worth restoring its former shine and cleaning it from stains and dirt as well as old varnish. With the right tools, you can easily renovate an oak table.

How to renovate a wooden table?

  1. First, you have to get rid of the old varnish. If we want to bring out the natural beauty and expose the wooden rings, it will be necessary to completely remove the old preservatives. For this purpose, it is best to use an orbital or belt sander for wood
  2. After removing the varnish, the table should be dusted off, preferably with a clean sweep or soft cloth. At this stage, it is worth examining whether the furniture has been infected by pests such as: common beetle, lumberjack, house knocker. Small, bright holes will be characteristic for them. Then you need to apply appropriate chemicals to get rid of these pests. If we do not do this, there is a risk of transferring intruders to other wooden furniture in the house. Fill in the gaps with wood filler.

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3. The last stage of renovation is preservation of the wooden surface. For this purpose, most often a ready-made stain or oil for wood is used. When oiling the wood, it is worth using specialized oils, which should be applied with a brush with natural bristles. The oil will penetrate the wood structure and the excess should be removed with a soft cloth.

Thus refreshed oak table will gain soul and become the hero of the house, which will attract the attention of everyone.

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