Cleanliness, softness and elegance. This is the domain of interiors in which pastel shades appear. For some time now, both designers and non-designers have been opting for pastels in interior design. It’s a great idea to create a neat and harmonious base for further work. In vintage, boho, scandi, Provençal or shabby chic climates they will work perfectly. 

Pastels have more than one name 

Where did the uninterrupted popularity of pastels come from? It is safe to say that something to do with it must be nostalgia and nostalgia for a blissful childhood. Vacations in the countryside, the soft shade of the sky, the taste of bubble gum and mint wafer ice cream. Today we can find them not only as dominant colors on the walls. They also appear in a number of accessories and small accents, which sensationally emphasize the arrangements. Resting in pastel interiors brings to mind a dream on a cloud, which is hard to resist. 

Go all the way

When you decide to live in pastel colors, you basically have two options. The first, which is to go all the way and endow pastels with the main role, placing them as a base on the walls or furniture, or the second, which is to dabble in candy and frosted accessories. The first version can be paint, wallpaper or a combination of the two. Pastels are such a graceful base that they blend with most accessories, regardless of their color. This is certainly due to their delicacy and subtlety. Admittedly, in this form we can usually find them in children’s rooms or bedrooms, for which they were almost created. 

Thanks to their properties, pastels brighten the interior and optically enlarge it, so it is worth placing them in smaller rooms. When working with this type of color, however, we must be careful that the arrangement does not blur for us and does not become bland and bland, so it is nevertheless worthwhile to enliven them and break them with a bit more expressive accessories or accents, especially if they play the role of a base. A similar application will be patterns, but here too we must be careful not to overdo it. 

Accessories full of sweetness

As the designers emphasize, pastels go well with the popular and base gray, which we can play with pastel accessories. White and all sorts of creamy shades will also be safe, although these are already verging on a candy base. Here we can go wild, although we still suggest limiting ourselves to one motif or color, as their accumulation can introduce a tiresome chaos, which we would certainly prefer to avoid. 

If you’re a romantic soul, you certainly won’t deny yourself a comfortable plush sofa in a shade of bubble gum or soft mint in the living room. In the bedroom, a bed with a quilted, soft headrest in a blue shade can play the main role. If you match it with pleasant to the touch light-colored bedding, the effect of falling asleep in the clouds is guaranteed. 

In the living room, you can place plush pastel cushions on the sofa, and next to them lay a peach-colored blanket in which you can wrap yourself on cooler evenings. Pastels will also work well on curtains or carpets.

The kitchen can be filled with pastel-toned tableware. A light salad or mint tea will taste completely different on a powder pink plate and in a lavender mug. You will also be able to take ceramics to a romantic picnic in the open air.

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