How to restore the old gazebo and thus gain a great place for meetings by the grill? See how to renovate your garden shed in a few steps.

The garden gazebo should be renewed from time to time. However, even if it was unused for years or not cared about its proper protection, you can successfully renovate it yourself. See how to do it and where to start.

1. Clearing out the summerhouse

First of all you need to clean the gazebo – everything that should not be in it should be removed and the surroundings of the gazebo should be tidied up.

2. Cleaning the summerhouse

Now you are ready to clean the summerhouse. In order to remove dirt and damaged paint it should be sanded well, preferably with a rotary grinder (hard to reach places can be treated with a cordless grinder)

3. Minor repairs

If the gazebo has minor damage, we can add new wooden elements that will mask the imperfections. In the case of major damage, individual elements will have to be removed and replaced.

4. Painting the gazebo

Now it is time to give the gazebo a new color, which will add freshness to it. You can paint with a brush or a spray gun – which will make it easier to get to the smallest nooks and crannies.

5. Arranging the garden gazebo

Finally it is time to arrange the gazebo so that it became a comfortable and pleasant place to meet and rest. In addition to garden furniture in the gazebo we can put decorative elements such as lanterns or led garlands. When designing the surroundings of the gazebo remember about the flowers and shrubs that will add charm and a pleasant atmosphere.

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