Cleaning is a word that makes many people shudder with anxiety. No matter how big your house is or how much you enjoy cleaning, it’s a good idea to use the right equipment. A steam mop is the perfect solution to speed up cleaning without getting tired

How does it differ from a standard mop?

The principle of the steam mop is always the same. With the distilled water poured into the machine’s tank, the mop thoroughly cleans your floors (and more!). The boilers inside the mop heat the water, which makes it such an effective device. Why should you decide to use it? For practical reasons, of course. Cordless devices are much easier to use, as they work thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery and you don’t have to plug them in. In addition, with a steam mop you can clean large rooms much faster, as well as non-standard areas, such as stairs or the terrace

Battery life

Since the cordless mop is not plugged in, you have to be prepared for it to run down after a while. That’s why it’s important to check that the model you choose has enough battery life to clean all the surfaces you have planned. If not, you will have to stop cleaning and recharge it in the special docking station.

Battery charging time

You plugged in your steam mop and are waiting to use it again. You wait and wait and wait. Sometimes the charging time is quite long. This is another very important consideration. When choosing a steam mop, pay attention to how long it takes to fully charge the battery. This matters a lot when you get down to cleaning your entire house. It’s worth paying a little more to make sure you don’t have to take a break for several hours while you clean.

Head type

A good steam mop is supposed to make your job easier. Heads come in fixed and rotating forms, with the rotating ones definitely being more recommended. Why? The rotary head can easily reach all those hard to reach places. You won’t have to bend over and mop your floors with a cloth anymore because a standard mop wasn’t up to the task

Additional features

Manufacturers of all kinds of appliances are racing to come up with additional features for their devices. Which you choose is a matter of individual choice. However, it is worth checking carefully what features each model offers and making sure that they meet your expectations. You can easily find a steam mop with several working modes and one that has an adjustable steam jet, which will help you adjust the device to the surface you are cleaning and the specific type of dirt. Also take a look at the attachments and nozzles that come with it. There are ones available for cleaning windows, hard-to-reach corners, and many, many more

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