Fence gate – types and functionality

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Choosing the right fence for our property is important – the fence is not only to protect the house, but also should have aesthetic qualities. It is worth to know what are the types of wickets, to bet on the best option.

The wicket also has a representative role and is one of the most important parts of the fence, right next to the entrance gate. Check how to choose one that will meet all your expectations!

What functions does the wicket fence have?

Fence gate is an extremely important element of our plot. The whole fence has a protective function, so we can feel safe being in our own home. In the stores offer you can find various types of fences, mesh or natural fences, which will form a stylish whole with the wicket and entrance gate.

A narrow passage separated for a wicket should be practical, but matched to the style we have chosen. Elegant or minimalist wicket can fantastically complement the arrangement of the house garden and the appearance of the development

Modern fence wickets are also equipped with various gadgets such as intelligent alarm system or monitoring

Types of fence wickets?

Fence wickets can be made from a variety of materials. An extensive offer and innovative solutions make it possible for everyone to find a suitable entrance to the property. Both ready-made wickets, as well as those made to customer’s special order enjoy great popularity. It is worth getting to know the most popular models which can serve as our inspiration.

  1. Wooden frame w icket – it’s very common solution which ideally complements fence made of wood. Material from which entrance to the property is made is usually very durable and solid and at the same time tasteful. Wickets are usually made of vertical or horizontal wooden elements
  2. Wooden rail w icket – equally pleasing to the eye element of the fence will be wicket made of slat and nailed to it rails. Usually boards used in wicket construction correspond to those separating properties
  3. Wicket of mesh – slightly more economical way for a stylish wicket will be the use of mesh. It is certainly a universal solution that fits into various types of buildings.
  4. Decorative wicket – richly decorated fence wickets often use floral motifs or leaf patterns.
  5. Panel wicket – this is a sensational solution used in fences made of panels. Simple design makes the wicket will look the same as the panels used in the fence

How to choose a fence gate?

What aspects are worth paying attention to when choosing a fence gate? For sure the important issue is the stylish appearance and functions suited to our preferences. It is best when the wicket stands out from the other elements, thus fulfilling a representative role to the entrance to the property

The right wicket has to provide us with a sense of security and fit to our individual needs. It is important that it matches the fence and garden style. The advantage will certainly be a simple design and efficient and quiet operation.

Main picture: Keith Hardy/unsplash.com

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