5 attic design ideas

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Your attic serves only as a storage space? It is high time for changes. This space can be very functionally arranged. Get additional space, use your attic wisely!

How to use the attic?

Wondering what to do in the attic? There are many ideas for using the room with bevels, but not all of them will be functional. We gathered for you 5 ideas for clever use of the attic. Let yourself be inspired! 

Closet in the attic – small bedroom will cease to be a problem

Our first idea is a closet. Don’t be afraid of slants – under them you can plan very functional shelves or bars for some clothes – you don’t need high hanging bars for hangers with shirts or skirts. In addition to low mounted rods, it is worth finding a place at a high wall for hangers with longer clothes (e.g. long dresses or coats). In the attic arranged as a closet, it is necessary to install decent lighting and insert a large mirror – this will make it much easier to select styles. It is also worth placing a comfortable pouf – thanks to it you will be able to measure your shoes in comfortable conditions.

Room for a teenager

Are you a parent of a teenager? Surprise him with a proposal to arrange a room in the attic. This solution will give him a sense of independence, which is so often desired by young people. Arranging an attic for a room for a teenager is a seemingly difficult task. A chest of drawers for clothes, a desk and even low shelves for books will certainly fit under the slanted ceiling. The bed is best placed at a higher wall (the top of the building). Remember that if the attic is to be used as a room, it’s worth investing in decent stairs – safety first!

Gym in the attic

Do you like practicing sports, but you can’t find a separate room in your house for your exercise equipment? Or maybe you simply practice yoga or fitness, but you have children who disturb you during exercises? Move to the attic with your mat! Of course, high jump exercises aren’t an option there, but you’ll be able to do most of your exercises safely in the attic. Do you like weight training? A weight bench and a rowing machine will fit in even a low attic.

Bring your home office into the attic

Do you work from home and miss having a quiet place where you can do your business in peace? Arrange your home office in the attic. In addition to placing furniture and office equipment, remember to install good lighting. The slanted attic will look chic and interesting during online meetings. 

The attic is also a good place for a home office. Do you sew, tinker, or make resin castings? Move your studio to the attic. You will gain space for your projects and the clutter in your studio will stay out of sight of your guests. 

Gaming room – gaming at the highest level!

Do something for yourself – arrange a gaming room in your attic! If you like gaming but lack of space prevents you from creating a gaming room, it is worth thinking about arranging it in the attic. A room away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will provide comfortable conditions for gaming. 

main photo: pixabay.com/lppicture

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