Twisting furniture – it’s easier than you think!

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You can successfully assemble the purchased furniture yourself. You do not have to pay extra for such a service. This skill is important because it saves you money

Read the instructions and prepare yourself accordingly

In the beginning, you need to read the instructions carefully. This goes without saying, but many people skip this step or only read it as they go along. However, this is very helpful especially for beginners who don’t have much experience

Sit comfortably and try to understand the manual well. If you have any doubts, read it again to the end. Usually everything is well explained there. Sometimes, unfortunately, these instructions look complicated and unreadable at first glance. Strictly follow the illustrations on it

After this process, find a suitable space for folding and organize it. It is also a good idea to organize someone to help you. An extra pair of hands will come in handy. Especially if the furniture is large, it requires at least two people to be involved. You can ask someone from your family or from your friends. In case you think you can’t handle it, hire a professional to do it for you. However, with simpler constructions, there shouldn’t be much of a problem

Recalculate all the components

The next useful step will be to unpack all the parts from the boxes. Before you start assembling, it is a good idea to count them. The specific number of parts is usually found in the instruction manual. Make sure that all the parts have arrived to you in their entirety. If not, you can complain to the store or order the missing pieces. Then you will need to wait a while before assembling and schedule it for another day

It’s also useful to have a good organization of parts. It’s a good idea to sort them by category and stack the same parts in one place. Gather the same nails, screws, plugs, can hinges and more into piles. You can also put them in small containers so they don’t get messy. Keep track of the number of parts so you don’t lose any during assembly

Learn some practical tips

Remember also to prepare the necessary tools. If you do not have them, it is worth going to the store to buy them. They will certainly come in handy in other situations as well. So it is a good idea to invest a little in them. Especially if you are moving into a new house or apartment, it is a good idea to have them with you. Basic tools that are often useful for assembling furniture are a hammer, a set of screwdrivers, a wrench and a tape measure. Sometimes electric screwdrivers are also needed

Online instructions are provided for some popular furniture. These are available online, such as on YouTube. These can be helpful when screwing together more complicated pieces. These videos are either made by a particular company or by customers. Remember to be patient while screwing and do not get discouraged too quickly

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Install the hinges

An important part of assembly is attaching the hinges. This part of assembly often brings beginners a lot of problems. They are needed for any opening items, such as cabinets. Familiarize yourself with their types, as each installs in a slightly different way. They also work differently. For example, parallel hinges are one of them. This type is often used in corner cabinets, such as those in kitchens. Overlay hinges are used in doors where opening is done by pressing the front. You must also remember to attach a special bumper to this

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