The silent closure on drawers eliminates one source of loud noises. A special mechanism prevents the drawer from slamming loudly, so it only closes quietly. So how do we install a soft close without having to replace the runners?

First we remove the drawer from the piece of furniture we have chosen and place it on a flat surface with the bottom facing up. In the next step we will need a universal assembly template for the slow mover. With the help of this template we can determine the place where we will screw (on both sides) to the edge of the drawer the movable cover included in the set.

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Then attach the front furniture hinge to the inside of the cabinet, again determining the distance using a template, which we apply to the top runner. We do the same with the hinge on the other side. Finally, slide the drawer back into the cabinet. And then enjoy the silence.

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Angelina Schultz

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