Stretch ceiling – patterns and inspirations

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Have you always dreamed of a false ceiling? Have you wondered which option would be the most beneficial? Chances are, you haven’t heard of a stretch ceiling before. It is an elegant and easy to install alternative to typical suspended ceilings

Why should you opt for a stretch ceiling?

Before you start looking for designs and inspiration, consider whether a stretch ceiling – also known as a mirrored ceiling – is definitely what you want to install in your newly renovated home. Created from PVC or polyester, the ceiling impresses with its aesthetics. Nothing else allows you to so accurately smooth the uneven surface.

What else speaks in favor of mirror ceilings?

  • Easy installation – this is an important feature for many people. You install a stretch ceiling by screwing rails to the walls, which form the frame of the whole construction. Then the coating is stretched over the surface of the entire ceiling and attached to the guides. The installation of such a ceiling usually takes one day
  • Durability – It is not uncommon for manufacturers of such ceilings to give as much as a ten-year guarantee on a stretch ceiling, although it may survive without damage for as many as several dozen years! This is a definite advantage over plasterboard ceilings, which often begin to crack at the joints of the panels
  • Resistance – thanks to the materials used, a mirror ceiling is resistant to water and fire. Its surface is very tight. Manufacturers suggest that it is able to withstand the weight of even 100 liters of water and not let a drop pass through. Such resistance to moisture means that mold will not develop on the stretch ceiling.

A handful of inspiration

There is no shortage of possibilities, and more companies outdo each other in an original approach to the topic. Therefore, everyone interested in the question – “What stretch ceiling to decide on?” Here are some of the most interesting ideas

Starry sky

Of course, it is enough to stick on the ceiling glowing in the dark stars to spice up the children’s room or your own bedroom. However, you are not able to achieve the effect that a stretch ceiling offers. Under the pattern imitating the starry sky is placed a fiber optics, thanks to which the stars, comets and even planets beautifully shine and delight at any time of day

Concert of lights

All you need is a little creativity, and from a stretch ceiling you can make a brilliant decorative element. This is influenced not only by the aesthetic finish of the ceiling, but also by the fact that it is very easy to install additional spot or led lighting in the mirror ceiling. Many interior designers talk about how, with the help of well-chosen lighting, you can make a real three-dimensional concert of lights in the room, which will affect the attractiveness of the room.

Forest idyll

Do you sometimes long for nature? Or maybe you imagine how nice it would be to breathe the air in a pine forest? Stretch ceiling can help you get closer to nature… even if only seemingly. A great idea is to create an imitation of tree branches, through which the afternoon sun shines through. It’s an idyllic image that will make your living room or bedroom cozier.

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