Decking, carpet or tiles. What to choose for a terrace?

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The terrace is called an extension of the house not without reason. It is a space that connects it seamlessly with the garden, so when designing it, one should take into account not only its functionality, but also its aesthetic qualities.

It is a place to rest, receive guests, and for some even work – if it is done remotely. Therefore, we should take care both of our convenience and comfort of its use, as well as of its aesthetic appearance matching both the décor of the house and the surroundings.

Decking boards

If you want to preserve the rustic character of your house or just give it a bit of idyllic atmosphere, decide on terrace boards. They are made of wood, thanks to which the terrace will become an integral part of the garden. Beautiful knots can be seen on their surface, so they will also match the simple yet striking aesthetic of rattan furniture. Another advantage is that they won’t get too hot in the summer, but still won’t be as cool as tiles. While all of these features are universal, is there anything that sets the models apart? Within this option, you have a choice of wood species: you can choose decking made from trees such as spruce or larch if you are looking for a low price, but bear in mind that it will also be less durable

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However, if quality is more important to you and the surface of such boards is to serve you for years, pay attention to more durable ones made of exotic trees. They will be correspondingly more expensive, but thus more durable. So, are such terrace boards an ideal solution? It turns out that it also has its drawbacks. You have to take into account that they will be constantly exposed to (not always favorable) weather conditions, such as heat, snow or rain. Protection will be provided by covering the boards with a special impregnation. However, despite this, the wood may shrink and deform

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In the offer of many stores there are also hybrid terrace boards (you will find them also under the term composite). Their production involves combining high quality wood with polymers. They are very durable and have one unique feature – they are non-slip, and by brushing, manufacturers give it a texture characteristic of wood. They also do not require impregnation, and no lichen or moss appears on their surface.


The second option is to lay tiles on the terrace surface. The disadvantage is that they are completely impermeable – in order for the water that accumulates during a downpour to run off, it must be ensured that it can. Installation of tiles will only be successful on a level concrete surface, but in hot weather they will heat up quickly and walking on them barefoot will not be easy

Advantages of tiles? They are easy to keep clean and there are even self-cleaning models. In addition, they don’t require protection from any weather conditions except frost, but many companies have already introduced cold resistant tiles. Many people, despite the above-mentioned drawbacks, choose them because they look better than carpet and offer more choice in terms of color and pattern than decking. So maybe it is worth giving them a chance?


If you’re not convinced by decking or tiles and are looking for something that manages to fit your individual needs, consider vinyl flooring. Many manufacturers have an extensive range of all textures and colors, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Why should you get one when designing your patio? First of all, it is worth noting that it can be adapted to any surface, even irregularly shaped ones. The thermal insulation means that no heat is lost

Another aspect of using a terrace is keeping it clean – how will a carpet work here? Perfectly, because it is highly resistant to any damage or abrasion that accompanies everyday use. Like hybrid terrace boards, it is non-slip – but much cheaper than them.

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