A canopy with a larger area is used to cover balconies or terraces. You don’t have to use the help of professionals to attach it. See how you can do it yourself.

After determining what dimensions it should have and what model you are interested in, pay attention to the material of the wall on which it will be mounted. It may have different strength parameters depending on whether it is made of ordinary uncracked concrete, ceramic blocks, cellular concrete or ceramic solid bricks. In any case, make sure that the substrate is smooth, even and free of debris.

The installation of the canopy itself is as follows – the glass piece is attached to the attached base, and the whole thing is screwed to the mounting structure using expansion connectors. It is important that the material from which they are made has current technical approvals (European or national), i.e. corresponds to the weight of the canopy and the load that may accumulate on it (for example snow). Manufacturers recommend the use of a minimum of three glued or expanding fasteners.

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