Metal fence cleaning and restoration

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Fence is an important part of the plot. It has both practical and decorative functions. At the same time, its construction is expensive and time-consuming. Often the best option may be to clean and renovate the metal fence that already exists. How to take care of it? What to pay attention to?

How often is it necessary to renovate the metal fence?

An important rule to follow, having a metal fence, is: the larger the rust spots are, the more difficult it will be to bring the entire structure to a good condition. For this reason, it is much better to regularly take care of the whole, rather than hard work with the panels once in many years

Every how many years to maintain the metal fence?

Most often, manufacturers recommend doing this every 2 or 3 years. Panels, which are protected by galvanizing, can be maintained even less frequently

Checking the condition of the fence

Any works should be preceded by the assessment of the condition of the fence. This allows us to decide whether we can do it ourselves or whether it is necessary, for example, to give the metal panels in the hands of professionals. Sometimes, especially in the case of wire panel fences, it may be necessary to replace some of them

When to renovate the fence?

Before we start renovation work, we should choose the optimal time to carry it out. Doing it during the rainy or frosty period does not bode well. It is best when the temperature reaches about 15 degrees Celsius and we can count on rainless weather. This is often done in the spring to prepare the fence after the winter, or in the autumn to prepare it before the worst period

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Step by step metal fence maintenance

Where to start renovation of metal panels? What to do to ensure that the fence will survive in good condition for as long as possible?

Why do metal panels rust?

The appearance of rust is a natural process whenever objects made of metal are exposed to the elements. Rust significantly impairs the properties of metal and can lead to permanent damage to the object made of it, in this case the fence. The way to do this may be to protect the surface with protective paint, but even here the slightest scratching may result in the appearance of rust.

Cleaning first

Renovation always starts with thorough cleaning of the surface not only from rust, but also from the remains of previous paint coatings. It is best to use a grinder with the appropriate disc for this purpose. Smaller elements and places difficult to access can be cleaned with a wire brush or sandpaper

It is very important that all rust spots are removed. Of course, there are also paints “for rust”, but in the case of a fence it is better not to risk and thoroughly clean the metal parts.


The next step will be to degrease the metal panels. This is done to remove all residue, dirt and dust before painting. Thanks to meticulous care of metal surfaces, we can be sure that the paint will not fall off and will survive in good condition for years to come. What is used for degreasing metal? The best choice will be a specialized degreasing agent. However, often a solvent or acetone is used

How to paint the metal fence?

Of course, a brush will be necessary – it is best to choose a medium sized one. It is also important that it is of good quality. Otherwise, the remains of bristles that fall off can be a bit irritating during painting

We also need two types of paint:

  • primer – it has an impact on reducing the impact of moisture and on making the obtained coat more durable;
  • decorative paint for metal – it is responsible for achieving the final decorative effect we want.

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Of course, the choice of decorative paint should be guided by the fact that the final appearance of the fence fits well with the facade of the house and the entire plot. When painting, it is worth making sure that previous coats have already dried and nothing will tarnish the effect. When applying paint, it is of course worth to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations that are found on the packaging. Usually, the optimal solution is to apply two coats. They will provide better protection and above all give the painted surfaces a better look.

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