See how to refurbish a damaged console and style it to give the furniture a second life.

Consoles we associate with the 60s and the old radio, which usually served as a table. An old wooden console, even very damaged, can turn into a stylish, functional piece of furniture. See how to renovate it in … steps.

Step 1: Look for inspiration

Before you get started, look for inspiration to decide how to style your console. To do this, browse portals such as Pinterest or Instagram, where you can find sample styles of refurbished furniture.

Step 2: Choose colors and accessories

The moment you start work, it’s good to have everything already prepared. Therefore, the next step is to head to the paint store and purchase the colors of your choice. Also, keep in mind the handles or knobs that will probably need to be replaced.

Step 3: Cleaning the console

Let’s get to work – first, the console should be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of old varnish, damaged wood layer, and by the way, the color that may not match the decor of our home. We can do this with sandpaper or a sander – but this must be handled gently, so as not to tear off too much material.

Step 4: Painting the console

Now it’s time for the most enjoyable part of furniture restoration – painting! Paint the furniture using a thicker brush and a smaller brush to paint the nooks and crannies. It is best to apply 3 thin layers (of course, each layer after the previous one has dried)

Step 5: Protecting the painted wood

The last step is to protect the paint that we put on the wood. We can do this with wax, oil or varnish.

Angelina Schultz

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