3 ways to create an interesting window design

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Interior design is not only the right color on the walls and well-chosen decorations, but also attention to all the details. That is why it is worth to pay attention to arrange windows in an interesting way. See our suggestions.

What to hang in the window?

Roller blinds

Window roller blinds are becoming more and more popular every year. This is due to the possibility of matching them to almost any interior and window. The number of types and colors as well as fabrics offered by manufacturers is so large that surely everyone will find roller blinds that will match the interior and its style.

When choosing interior roller blinds, it is worth deciding on a color that will match the arrangement of the entire room. This year, earth tones are very fashionable, so it is worth to bet on colors such as: mustard yellow, faded red or various shades of brown. If you are a supporter of stronger colors, you may choose maroon or bottle green roller blinds.

Pleats do not go out of fashion either and they can become a unique interior decoration. Pleated blinds should be chosen in more intense colors, for example orange or red. The biggest advantage of pleats, in addition to the decorative function, is that they have insulating properties and will keep the heat outside.

In interior trends accessories made of natural materials are very fashionable. The same also applies to roller blinds, therefore it is worth choosing bamboo roller blinds. Thanks to their relatively neutral look you can use them in interiors decorated in various styles, for example boho or rustic.

Curtains and curtains

Interior design associated with nature is not only the color of the earth, but also abandon heavy materials and expressive patterns. Thanks to white, transparent curtains, the interior can seem larger and brighter, and natural light will come in. Such curtains will suit rooms arranged in a minimalist or Scandinavian style.

Transparency is also a trend in curtains. It is worth to choose airy and delicate curtains. In this case it is also best to bet on natural materials. The most popular is linen. It is very light and durable, besides it fits to most arrangements, both to classic and glamour interiors.

It is also worth choosing curtains with a floral motif. For white or gray interiors choose white floral curtains, and if the walls are painted green, go for gray curtains with monstera or palm leaves motif.

Window sill

A windowsill can serve not only a practical but also a decorative function. We often treat it as an additional shelf and put books or lamps on them. If you want the windowsill to be a proper decoration of the window, choose the right material from which it will be made. Depending on the color of the room, choose a windowsill with a matching surface, for example matte or glossy. Flowers in decorative pots, candlesticks or photo frames will look great on the windowsill.

Window sofa

If the windowsill is wide and not very high, you can arrange it as a small sofa. All you need is a small mattress and some cushions. If, in addition, we have an interesting view outside the window, resting in such a place may be something special. Such a sofa is not only an interesting decorative element, but also a very functional solution. On such a developed window it is not recommended to hang curtains, and if you do, it is worth choosing such, which will not obstruct the view. A good solution in this case will be a roller blind.

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