If you want to know how to connect white label SEO service with an attractive visual and accessible concept of a website, it is essential that you also familiarize yourself with the issue of adjusting its appearance to the requirements of a particular user group. SEO activities consist of carrying out a number of different complex and demanding actions, among which the visual aspect of any website should be mentioned. Nowadays, we have access to great and useful solutions like squarespace SEO audit providing analysis of both textual and visual content of websites, check this out!

Most positioners treat this stage (visualized content) as one of the most important and having the greatest impact on the effectiveness of further actions, which is why many of them prioritize it in every cooperation. 

Take care of a comfortable user interface

There is a reason why the user interface is at the top of our article, because this parameter has a direct influence on the way a potential client moves around the website. As a rule, most sites without a proper development team use standard themes that, despite their nice appearance, do not give a positive feeling of interaction. Especially notorious are unintuitive buttons, graphics without details, and too many clicks required to get to the next subpage. The effect of using this type of actions is usually the same within each site – quick abandonment by the Internet user. This phenomenon is the reason for the implementation of solutions like squarespace SEO audit or at last improved SEO for copywriting

You have to remember about text parameters

Better SEO for copywriting is unspokenly important and every SEO agency should take care of adjusting the fonts and their type and possible color scheme to the requirements of a particular audience, while also looking at usability. As with the interface, many entrepreneurs and novice developers evaluate fonts for their visual aspect, while what matters most is the pleasure of reading the text and the ease of learning. It is advisable to use standard fonts with a known history that can also be read by people with visual problems or older customer groups. You just need to remember, if it comes to copywriting for e-commerce purposes, SEO for copywriting is a must. 

A large number of unnecessary distractions

White label SEO service is all about tailoring the website to the requirements of the audience, and rules of Google but not about meeting the expectations of the business itself. What does this mean? That it is the internet user who should come first when it comes to designing a website, and it is his or her feelings that should be by far the most important thing for us as entrepreneurs or SEOs. Particularly bothersome is the automatic start of music in the background or start of videos, too many pop-ups informing about the newsletter or too many ads that do not show too well the professionalism of the chosen site. You also need to remember that white label SEO services require adherence to the principles of action over SEO, and in this case we mean honesty and avoiding actions that are not fair to the competition and Google. Remember on the internet honesty pays https://www.icea-group.com/white-label-seo-service/.

Shorten the loading time of your website

Why is squarespace SEO audit even more affordable? Internet users want to get the answer to their question typed into the search bar as quickly as possible and for this reason many of them leave the chosen website before it has time to fully load. It is therefore worth taking care to reduce images and adjust their resolution to the potential customer’s screen, uninstall unnecessary plug-ins and change hosting if necessary. Sites created with squarespace are “light” which means data consumption is being reduced and as a result we achieve a good-looking website working as well as possible!

Main image: Kaleidico/unsplash.com

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Connor Beck 21 July 2022 o 09:32

Watching favorite YouTube channels, it is becoming more and more common to come across Squarespace promotion, and all in all, I began to take an interest in this, wanting to build a website for a long time. I took advantage of the offer and I have to admit that it is not WordPress, but something much better if design and UX are important to us. Of course, I’m not an SEO expert and I didn’t throw myself in at the deep end. I work with an SEO agency – iCEA Group: https://www.grupa-icea.pl/seo-co-to-jest/, from which I first consulted Squarespace. Currently, the site is already fully functional – the price of this was not high, especially if you consider the quality of the site and its speed. Good SEO does not have to cost a fortune, and I am officially among those who deny such rumors. I heartily recommend my partner, of course, because I have no reservations; on the contrary, I am very satisfied!

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