Refreshing your living room walls

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Although white walls in the living room are versatile and neat, homemakers sometimes need a change. How to refresh the interior and give it a trendy expression with little effort? Here are our suggestions!

The most interesting ideas for living room walls makeover

Concrete effect for lofts lovers

Imitation concrete on the wall is one of the most popular trends of recent years. It is a great solution for a living room, thanks to which the room will gain a modern character. Grey harmonizes well with many colors and wooden furniture. If we want to obtain a raw surface effect, we can use fine-grained mineral plaster, which will perfectly replace the real architectural concrete. An alternative to plaster can be decorative paint on mineral binder. What is important, the effect of concrete on the wall in the living room can be achieved on your own, without having to hire a professional renovation team

A wall like velvet – romantic and cozy

Another suggestion for an interesting refreshment of the living room is… wrapping the walls in velvet, of course not literally. To achieve the effect of velvet walls, it is enough to use decorative paints with high saturation of metallic pigments, which perfectly imitate the structure of this fashionable and nice to touch fabric. Iridescent with varying intensity, velvety glow attracts the eye and hypnotizes. It is an ideal choice for fans of exclusive interiors.

Modern 3D wall panels for individualists

3D panels are an impressive form of wall decoration in the living room. Three-dimensional elements can be made of wood, concrete, plaster, polyurethane, MD panels or styrofoam. We can get an unconventional effect thanks to them, they are graceful in arrangement and very easy to install. Depending on the color, shape and layout 3D panels can be a background for furniture or play the leading role. Wooden wall panels in the shape of hexagon (honeycomb) are very popular – additionally highlighted they look really unique.

Spectacular ombre effect

Another idea for changing the look of living room walls is shading them. The ombre effect may be achieved with the use of decorative paints or in an even simpler way – by putting wallpaper on a given surface. The most popular are shades of pink, green and blue. But if we want, we can also choose purples, grays or beiges, it all depends on our color preferences. Gradient wall decoration is an interesting alternative to solid color, “boring” surfaces

How about a stone on the wall?

Decorative stones are a timeless, classic solution for every fan of natural materials and are often used in interiors due to their high aesthetic value. Travertine, granite, sandstone, onyx or marble are raw materials which delight with diversity of shades and structures. If we want to simplify renovation works as much as possible, it is worth choosing stone slabs or plaster masses which perfectly imitate the structure of different stones and at the same time are much cheaper. Depending on the chosen plaster application technique, we can achieve a different final effect.

Brick in the main role

The red brick visually warms up the room and looks particularly effective in the living room decorated in industrial or rustic style. If we do not have the possibility to uncover the natural, raw wall, we can successfully use decorative tiles, which well imitate real bricks and are not complicated to install. This is a good choice for proponents of classic, proven solutions that are timeless and never cease to be relevant.

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We hope that thanks to our inspirations, your living room will gain a new character and you will be happy to spend every free moment in it, enjoying the achieved result.

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