Autumn means that the leaves begin to fall and the flowers wither and disappear, leaving only bare branches and empty soil. What can you do to keep your garden beautiful and delightfully inventive even in autumn and winter? Here are 5 patents on how to make a quick and impressive metamorphosis of the garden in autumn. 

Clean up after summer

Do not forget in autumn to clean up the garden after the summer growing season. Dry branches, plant parts, withered tomato or green bean bushes yes, they will decompose in the ground and disappear until next spring, but they will heavily disfigure the garden throughout autumn. Cut the protruding parts of bloomed, dried plants from the ground and throw them into the compost pile, there they will serve to fertilize the soil. Trim the shrubs, too, so that they sprout new shoots in the spring. Tidied up and prepared for the autumn period, the garden will look completely different, and it will wake up to life as soon as spring arrives. In order not to lose life in the garden, you can bet on evergreen plants that will decorate the space all year round. 

Lighting the garden

Well-chosen and impressive lighting in the garden can make it a truly magical place. With beautiful lights, strategically placed solar lamps and large lanterns, both gilded with autumn leaves and covered with a layer of snow, the garden will look fantastic. Light is a very underrated decorating tool and can really completely transform the look of not only the garden, but also the entire house.

Seasonal decorations

In summer, a blooming and green garden is a decoration in itself. In autumn, it often needs a little help to keep it from losing its charm. Garden decorations and furniture have their own character, making them more or less appropriate for different seasons. If you want to bring an autumn atmosphere to your garden, take care of the decorations. Pumpkins and rowan berries, as well as dried, colorful leaves, are great as autumn decorations. Halloween decorations, such as spider webs on tree branches or illuminated figures, look fantastic in the garden in October. A fun decoration will be, for example, illuminated ghosts playing cards or raking the lawn.

Metamorphosis of the terrace

The part of the garden that largely determines its appearance is the terrace. Its decoration affects how the garden looks. Replacing garden furniture with technorattan armchairs and sofas and placing blankets and pillows with autumn motifs on them will be a great idea for the autumn period. Technorattan is a very durable and weather-resistant material, so it can be displayed on the terrace even in rainy autumn weather. 

Decoration for the terrace 

As decorations for the terrace, glass lanterns with large candles, a string of bulb lights and macramé in various forms will work phenomenally. On the terrace, too, you can place edible and decorative pumpkins, and hollow out characteristic American lanterns during the Halloween season. In the flower boxes you can plant heather or barberries, which will add even more autumn atmosphere. Around the terrace you can plant tall ornamental grasses – they will dry up in autumn and will be a beautiful decoration, which will perfectly fit into the whole composition.

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