Balcony metamorphosis for the summer. Ideas and arrangements

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Balcony is for homeowners a substitute for a real garden, a place where they can relax while drinking their morning coffee. How to arrange your balcony for the coming holiday season? Here’s our inspiration!

How to spruce up the look of a balcony in a block of flats? Proven ideas for DIY enthusiasts and others

Whether you have a small, medium or large balcony, it’s worth taking care to arrange it in an attractive and functional way. As you know, it’s much more pleasant to rest on a nicely and comfortably arranged balcony, so many people with the advent of spring are looking online for inspiration to carry out its metamorphosis. How to decorate a balcony in a block of flats at a low cost, without spectacular revolutions? Here are our tips:

Green me – balcony plants in the main role

A balcony makeover won’t be successful if you don’t include pots and boxes of decorative perennials. What plants are particularly attractive and hardy? The beautiful rudbeckia, heart-shaped bergenia, velvetleaf, petunia or geranium, for example, can adorn our green nook. The timeless lavender, mossy sage or, popular in recent years, ornamental grasses (e.g. Japanese creeping bush, creeping fescue, reed canary grass or imperata cylindrica) are also worth mentioning. Of course, remember that the choice of plants should be adapted to the location of the balcony in relation to the world.

The devil is in the detail, so put on some extras

If you want to change the look of your balcony in an economical way you should pay attention to the smallest additions. Garlands, rugs, decorative figurines, dream catchers, macramé and colourful cushions are inexpensive and easy to arrange accessories which will give your balcony an idyllic feel and make it an extension of your living room.

Create a special mood with the right lighting

To subtly illuminate our relaxation area, we can use romantic rattan lanterns, wooden or metal lanterns, or solar light chains with warm colors, which provide atmospheric light without electricity. The choice of lighting elements is really huge, it all depends on our tastes.

Balcony furniture made from pallets – inexpensive and comfortable

If we have the soul of a do-it-yourselfer, nothing stands in the way of us making comfortable and functional furniture with our own hands using ordinary construction pallets (one is an expense of about a dozen zlotys). In the interest of maximum comfort it is worth buying thick, soft cushions, which will make relaxing on the sofa or armchair DIY more pleasant. What’s more, furniture made of pallets fit both to the balcony in modern style, Provence, as well as boho – we can decorate and paint them according to our needs and artistic vision. This is a universal, ecological and cheap solution for everyone. If our balcony is very small, also a recycled wooden box (from vegetables, fruit), which can serve as a seat, table, storage for flowerpots or various trinkets, will be perfect.

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Balustrade cover – more privacy

In every major DIY store we can buy a balcony protector, which will provide us with a greater sense of intimacy, but not only. It is a good way to protect – from excessive radiation, wind and rain – not only us, but also pets and our plants! Wood and bamboo covers are the most aesthetically pleasing, although they are slightly more expensive than plastic ones.

We hope that with our ideas you can create the balcony of your dreams, which will look stylish, encouraging every household member and guest to blissful rest.

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