With just a few products and a few minutes of work, you can provide shelter and food for birds. Check out how to make a bird feeder with little energy.

Feeding birds in winter


  • a plastic bottle (1.5 l) with a cork
  • marker pen
  • wire
  • lighter
  • upholstery knife or scissors
  • string and adhesive tape


Start by drawing four 10 × 10 cm holes in the bottom of the bottle, a few centimeters above its bottom. Then cut out the marked parts with a wallpaper knife. The tiny holes will be windows for birds. To protect them from injury, it is best to wrap the sharp edges of the bottle carefully with insulating tape or heat up the plastic and round off the cut edges. Next, we prepare a holder for hanging the feeder. In the upper part of the bottle, under the cap, make four small holes using a hot nail. Finally, just thread the string through them and tie in a knot at the top. Done!!!

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Angelina Schultz

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