Impact drills. Equipment for special tasks

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Impact drill is an irreplaceable power tool that is worth having in every home. How to choose an easy to use and reliable model that will serve us without failure for years? Let’s check it out!

Basic advantages of hammer drills

A hammer drill combines rotary motion with reciprocating motion, called percussion, which allows to drill holes in various materials (even hard ones in case of pneumatic percussion) e.g

  • wood,
  • metal,
  • brick,
  • plastics,
  • cellular concrete,
  • ceramics.

With additional accessories, this type of drill can also be used for mixing paint and adhesives, screwing and unscrewing screws and bolts, polishing, milling, grinding or removing rust (you need to buy a rotary brush with a pin). It is a multi-tasking power tool, which is useful for general renovation of a house or apartment, as well as minor repairs. With the help of a hammer drill, we can remove defects in various types of machines and equipment

A few words about non-impact drills

A non-impact drill is typically designed for amateur, occasional use (not suitable for heavier work). It wears out faster than models with a hammer, is lighter and cheaper. Non-impact drill is useful mainly for processing soft materials such as wood, it is not as versatile as the variant with impact. Its power is usually 500-700 W. Even if you work mostly with soft material, a better option is to buy a hammer drill, as it can come in handy in many emergency situations.

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What to look for when buying a hammer drill?

When looking for a hammer drill for home use and beyond, there are many different aspects to keep in mind – which ones? The most important criteria to consider when visiting a power tool store are:

  • power – the greater the power, the larger the holes you will be able to drill. For small holes with a diameter of 6-15 mm a 400-650 watt impact drill is enough. On the other hand, if we want to drill holes with large diameters, a drill with the power of at least 800-1000 W will be necessary;
  • type of impact – we have a choice between mechanical and pneumatic impact; the former uses muscle power, which pushes the drill against the workpiece. With pneumatic type of impactor the drill bit presses itself on the drilling surface, it doesn’t require our strength (pneumatic impactor is used mainly in professional drills)
  • maximum drilling diameter – it should be adjusted to the type of material in which we are going to drill (usually it is 10 or 13 mm);
  • rechargeable battery – this is a much more convenient option than having to connect the drill with a cable to the power grid. It makes the drill more mobile, but we have to remember about charging it regularly;
  • non-slip grip – increases safety while working.

How much does a good impact drill cost?

Manufacturers of power tools offer us a wide selection of impact drills from different price shelves – the cheapest models cost a few dozen zlotys, and the most expensive with complex equipment even a few thousand zlotys (specialized and professional). How much money should be spent on a decent quality drill with impact? A strong and solid impact drill, which will work well for both small household jobs and larger renovations, we can buy for about 500-700 zlotys

In conclusion, the impact drill is a power tool that is useful for both amateurs who like to DIY in their spare time, as well as professionals who carry out renovations on a daily basis. We hope that thanks to our advice, you will choose a durable, comfortable in use and affordable hammer drill, which will be an investment for years.

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