A room that grows with your child

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As time goes by, what your child needs and what they are interested in also changes. However, this does not have to mean replacing the furniture every time. What can we do to make the room grow with the child from the beginning?

Neutral background

Start by choosing a wall color. They should be as neutral as possible, those too expressive will become overwhelming, which is not advisable, especially in a child’s room. Especially that for the first years it will be full of toys with bright colors and various patterns. White or various shades of gray or beige will allow a person of any age to calm down, they will also be the base to which you can easily match furniture and decorations. Neutral colors in an older child’s room will give it a subtle, minimalistic character

Stain-resistant paint

If you are not convinced, you can opt for pastels. Remember that not only the color is important – it is worth getting a paint that is resistant to dirt and water. A child at any age may be prone to various “experiments”. Staying in the matter of painting – have you already thought about buying blackboard paint? You can use it for the whole wall or just a selected fragment. A younger child will be able to draw on it to his heart’s content, saving the others, and an older one will successfully use it for studying or creating a to-do list

Sleeping area

The most important piece of furniture in a bedroom is obviously the bed. It’s worth choosing a practical model at the earliest stage – many cribs for newborns are equipped with pull-out rungs, lowered bottom or open (removable) side, so they can be used for several additional months. Another purchase should be a bed with a frame that can be extended and widened as needed. The only item that will need changing in it is the mattress, although you can prevent that too. All you have to do is get the right extension for it. Another solution is to buy a bed made of wooden pallets

If, according to previous tips, you painted the walls in a universal color, here you can choose any color, although – again – not too intense. For a bed of sufficient height, you can mount a ladder, which you can easily remove when the child grows out of this kind of “facilities”. Shelves, which will naturally be created between the pallets, will allow you to save space by placing books, toys or other trinkets on them. The whole will be both functional and aesthetic.


Study area

The right height turns out to be crucial not only for the bed, but also for the desk. If it has a height adjustable top, it will serve the child for many years. Both these and other pieces of furniture can be at any time repainted in a different color, resigning from the need to buy new ones (at least if it was only due to the desire to change the arrangement). An additional function may also be gained by a chest of drawers, which will be useful as an ergonomic changing table. Once again: pay attention that it has an appropriate height.

One piece of furniture with many functions

This type of multifunctional furniture has gained popularity especially abroad, where it is referred to as family design, but it is also available in Poland. The idea and design may come both from hired professionals and from… clients. Family design is nothing else than furniture that will be functional both in the child’s bedroom and in other rooms, matching the decor of each of them. An example can be a table made of an openwork frame, with a light, opening cover. It will be perfect not only as a coffee table with a newspaper holder, but also as a basket for children’s toys.


There are many ways to prepare a room that will grow with your child. Many solutions will really work for you, but you don’t have to force them. Some changes in the arrangement will simply be necessary, if only for the reason that not only the child’s growth, but also his/her needs and preferences will change with age.

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