The right choice of hotel beds and mattresses

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Without a doubt, the top priority in the hotel industry is customer satisfaction. One of the ways to gain in his eyes is to provide him with the best possible conditions for daily rest. To this end, it is worth paying a little more attention to the beds and mattresses used in your facility. High quality products will let your guests sleep peacefully and you will be sure that you have done everything to meet their expectations. Properly selected hotel beds and mattresses are the basis of every hotel business.

Solutions dedicated to hotels

Before you choose the right hotel beds it is worth to solve the issue related to mattresses. When buying a mattress for your house or apartment, the choice is a bit easier. We know perfectly well who will sleep on it and what requirements the purchased product must meet. In the case of accommodation facilities, we have to bet on universal solutions, which will work in every situation. It is best to choose a model that will be neither too hard nor too soft. The bestseller is currently the Optimal H2 mattress, which uses a pocket spring format consisting of as many as 289 springs per m2.

This solution determines that the product adjusts to the figure of both a child and an adult. Uniform support is provided by 3-cm polyurethane foam, allowing you to quickly find the optimal sleeping position. Due to the fact that the springs are placed in interlining bags, the product guarantees durability for many years.

Continental bed base – choose wisely

The most important element of hotel beds is undoubtedly the base. It provides a base for the mattress and determines the overall impression of the bed. Hotel solutions offered by JMB Design are very popular in this area. Depending on your needs, you can decide on one of the following solutions:

  • Simple base – this is a base with a standard height of 20cm. This wooden construction, with sides made of furniture board, has been enriched with high resilient foam over the entire surface. An exceptionally versatile option for accommodation facilities.
  • Comfort base – is a combination of wood and MDF. Reinforced in the middle with Bonnell springs. Height 28cm.
  • Comfort Lux base – has all the advantages of the Comfort base, but is distinguished by stiffened sides, which prevent collapse of the mattress. This option is dedicated to the most demanding hoteliers.

Bed adapted to the style of your hotel

On the market you can find hotel beds of different character, which allows you to choose a model that matches the hotel arrangement. If you are looking for classic solutions that will work in most modern, yet elegant facilities, bet on the JMB Calypso model.

A distinguishing element of this product is its unusual headrest. Appropriate profiling of the top and the use of soft foam allows you to enjoy comfort, even while reading a book or watching TV. The whole is complemented by steel legs, which emphasize the elegant and delicate nature of the bed.

If you are looking for an interesting proposal in loft style, be sure to check out the JMB COMO LM model.

This product is equipped with long legs which emphasize the impressive nature of the bed, and a trimmed headboard which gives it elegance and chic. This hotel bed is a real bestseller, which allows you to enrich many hotel interiors.

Bet on a proven partner

JMB brand for many years provides durable and elegant products for bedrooms, whose quality meets the highest expectations. An unquestionable advantage of the brand are its unique designs and the use of only the best material solutions. Both hotel beds and mattresses are created with attention to every detail, so as to provide users with comfort and look great for many years. Check where the nearest JMB Design showroom is and see how impressive the brand’s products are.

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