Venetian clay – an idea for wall decoration

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Each of us, deciding to renovate the interior, expects an exceptional and unique effect. An interesting way to give the wall an original character is to use Venetian clay

Thanks to this decoration, you can achieve a wonderful effect of worn plaster on the wall, which perfectly suits modern and industrial interiors. Check out how else you can use Venetian clay while planning your interior design

Decorating walls, especially in representative rooms, such as a living room or a study, is very important for the appearance of the entire interior. Some decorators believe that choosing the right color and texture of the walls determines how we feel in a given space

Modern ways of decorating walls, thanks to which we can achieve an original effect, are gaining popularity. A great way to refresh interiors will be to apply Venetian clay. This is a relatively inexpensive solution, which gives us a very large spectrum of possibilities.

What is Venetian clay?

Venetian clay is a kind of structural paint, which main element is acrylic. Painting the wall with it is an easier way to achieve the effect of sawn plaster or decorative stone.

Using Venetian clay while renovating walls gives us a lot of stylistic possibilities. You can apply the clay and leave it intact, obtaining a natural, matte interior, or rub it over, opting for a slightly more avant-garde atmosphere. Clay comes not only in white color, in the offer of home improvement stores you can find products of different colors and shades.

Interior architects decide to cover the most exposed spaces with Venetian clay. This type of decoration often decorates the wall behind the sofa, the space above the fireplace, columns or partition walls.

To which interiors does Venetian clay fit?

Venetian clay is quite a versatile way to renovate or refurbish wall surfaces. Nevertheless, it is most suitable for modern interiors arranged in accordance with current trends. Apart from minimalism, interiors maintained in an industrial and loft style are gaining popularity. Interfaces imitating plaster or raw concrete perfectly fit into the simple character of this type of rooms.

Many people also use clay in houses where the rustic style reigns. Certainly influenced by the fact that clay phenomenally blends with natural elements of decor such as wood, potted flowers or macramé. Such a wall decoration can be used in the living room, in the kitchen in the space between the cabinets or in an originally designed study.

Advantages of Venetian clay in interiors

Venetian clay has many advantages and pluses, which are worth mentioning here. Its main advantage is, of course, the increase in aesthetics of the interior. This type of finish has also very beneficial parameters, that is, it is a material very resistant to abrasion and washing. Even vigorous scrubbing of the wall will not cause the decorative composition to deteriorate or wear.

Clay is a good solution in houses where allergy sufferers live, since dust does not accumulate on its surface.

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