Construction of a brick barbecue with a smokehouse

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Do you dream of a garden barbecue additionally equipped with a smokehouse? Everything is doable! Check out how it looks like in practice.

Grill and smokehouse in your garden

Do you dream of preparing your own meats in the comfort of your garden? This is certainly an excellent option for those people who like to know what they are eating. Your own products, free of preservatives, are a guarantee of the best quality and amazing taste. While many people choose to build a barbecue, an additional smokehouse complicates matters considerably. However, we have no doubt that it is worth organizing such a place in the garden. Find out how to go about it.

Brick barbecue with smokehouse – where to start?

We will not hide. Building a brick barbecue with a smokehouse is not easy. Start by choosing the right place, keeping in mind that you really need a lot of it. If you own a large garden, this will not be a problematic issue. Another thing to keep in mind is that a brick grill with a smokehouse must not annoy your neighbors. Beware of smoke coming out of the hearth! All the more reason to think carefully about the location. You also need a paved surface. For this reason, many people choose to pour concrete. This creates a special foundation for the hearth.

Choosing a design – how to fit it to your needs?

On the web you will find plenty of ideas for hearth design. However, before you decide on something, thoroughly consider your real needs. Maybe huge barbecue-smokehouses tempt you with their appearance, but this is not necessarily something you need. A smaller size smokehouse should not be a nuisance. If it turns out to be a bit too small, you will prepare the products in rounds.

Do it yourself or with a team?

This is the dilemma many investors face. Construction of a brick barbecue with a smokehouse is not simple, but also not necessarily very complicated. So what to do – to build it yourself, or, however, to hire professionals for this task? We will not answer this question, because it depends on your capabilities and abilities. Some people simply have little time and therefore do not want to undertake such tasks.

Building a smokehouse on your own – what you can not forget

If you decide to build a smokehouse with a grill on your own, the most important issue will be a hearth of similar dimensions to the smoking chamber. This one, in turn, should be built so that the products posted in it can be at the right temperature. Also, take care of the sunroof, so that you can control the flow of smoke. However, let’s return to the hearth. Its design must be large enough so that the embers do not accumulate heat on the walls. Instead, it has to give it back to the smoke duct and smoke chamber.

Time for the smoke duct

The length of the smoke duct should be matched to the preferred type of smoking. A long one will work well for the less popular cold smoking, a short one for hot smoking. The preferred dimensions of the smoke duct are between 1 and 1.5 meters. As for the smoking chamber, on the other hand, its dimension depends on how many products you want to fit into it. Remember to make sure that the door to the chamber is airtight. And, of course, aesthetic.

main photo: Vieira

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