Self-adhesive Velcro. Hanging pictures without drilling

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Mounting Velcro is a real revolution! Hanging photos and pictures has never been so easy. We do not need a drill or screws and the gratitude of the neighbors for this “silent installation” will certainly be huge

The advantages of mounting with Velcro

Self-adhesive Velcro is a great way to quickly attach lightweight items. Their use is very wide. You can use them everywhere: at home, in the garage or in the office. They perfectly replace nails, screws and bolts. Thanks to them, we can hang decorations on the wall quickly and without drilling. What is most important, they are very durable as long as you adjust the weight of the decoration to the weight suggested on the package. On the other hand, if you decide to move a picture or a painting there is nothing easier because the Velcro strips off very easily and does not leave a trace on the wall, unlike holes or cracks left after drilling. Velcro mounting is child’s play!

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How does it work?

Mounting with adhesive Velcro is extremely quick and easy

  • we degrease the surface on which we plan to hang the item, preferably with isopropyl alcohol,
  • choose Velcro with the appropriate weight limit,
  • separate the Velcro strips from each other and then press until you hear a “click”;
  • remove the protective paper and press firmly to the photo or picture frame (for safety and security it is worth to attach the Velcro in two or four places),
  • lower Velcro, it is best to stick at a height ⅔ from the top of the frame,
  • remove the remaining protective paper and press the frame firmly against the wall for about 30 sec,
  • to make sure the Velcro glue will hold well, remove the frame by gripping it from the bottom, wait an hour and re-stick it by pressing on the Velcro until you hear the characteristic click and you’re done!
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