When to choose curtains and when to choose blinds?

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Are you decorating your apartment and do not know which window decoration to choose? Will the traditional curtains or modern anti-burglary roller blinds work better for you? Or maybe a combination of both? Read about the pros and cons of different window arrangements.

Burglarproof external roller blinds

Anti-burglary roller blinds are a great solution for people living on the first floor or those who want to additionally secure their apartment against theft. External roller shutters, especially those resistant to mechanical damage and power tools, provide a greater sense of security. In addition, they are practical, because they do not take up space on the interior windowsill. They guarantee not only protection from prying eyes of neighbors, but also isolate from the noise coming from outside, so they provide excellent sleeping conditions

Apart from privacy protection and acoustic insulation, anti-burglary roller blinds also protect against the escape of heat from the room, thanks to which the apartment requires less heating in autumn and winter. In summer, anti-burglary roller blinds shield against UV rays and make the room heat up less in hot days

The disadvantages of external roller shutters may include their complicated installation, which in many cases takes place already at the stage of construction of the house, as well as their high price. It is worth choosing a universal model, which will fit into different arrangements and serve for years. Check anti-burglary roller blinds available on roller blindszaluzjekatowice.pl.

Decorative curtains

Curtains are very important for decoration of every room. They are useful in the apartment not only for aesthetic but also practical reasons. The curtains protect the privacy, affect the character of the interior and stop the sun rays. When buying, you should pay attention to the material from which they are made, and also choose a model that matches the arrangement of the entire apartment

If you are looking for a window decoration for a room decorated in an elegant and classic style, consider jacquard curtains. They look very delicate, and at the same time durable, they do not yellow and can be washed in a washing machine. If you drain the curtains after washing and hang them in the window, they will stretch out due to their own weight. This will save you time on hand washing and ironing.

Many people appreciate curtains made of voile and organtine. They are delicate, flowing and semi-transparent, so they work well in underexposed rooms. They are available in plain, embroidered or with patterns, which makes them suitable for both industrial style bedsits and glamour style apartments

Curtains can be free-floating or fancy pinned up at the sides. If you have a problem with finding the model of the appropriate length, order curtains sewn to size, so they will be perfectly matched to the interior. A wide selection of curtains and curtains can be found at: https://magdalena24.pl/firany/do-kuchni

The disadvantages of curtains include their low resistance to dirt and mechanical damage. To curtains easily adhere various odors and dust, which may require frequent washing. Usually they also do not offer acoustic and thermal insulation, as is the case with roller blinds

Many people appreciate in the apartment a combination of both solutions, so that during the day delicate curtains decorate the interior and provide an inflow of light, and at night external blinds guarantee a sense of security, silence and greater thermal comfort.

Main photo: Petter Rudwall/unsplash.com

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