The weather is getting warmer by the day. Unfortunately, this means that soon in our homes will appear uninvited guests in the form of flies. How to deal with them and get rid of them quickly?


Prevention always works best. Make sure you have mosquito nets in every window to keep flies from entering your home. Electric contact inserts are also good, as they release an odor that flies find unpleasant and effectively repel them, but they can be dangerous for children or those with allergies. A safer option are fireplaces with essential oils (lavender or mint). It is also worth placing pots with herbs such as basil, lavender, thyme or rosemary on the windows. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that insects get inside anyway. What then?

Proven methods

When the insects have already entered the interior and we want to catch them, we can reach for proven methods in the form of sticks and traps, which we now have quite a large selection on the market. Lamps emitting ultraviolet light with flare nets that attract flies to themselves also work well. Sometimes an old-school fly catcher is all you need to kill individual insects.

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