How do I pack my belongings before moving?

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Everyone has to move at least once in their lives, and usually several times. Moving always involves complicated logistics, stress and careful packing of your belongings in bags and cardboard boxes. How to properly pack your belongings before moving so that nothing gets damaged? We suggest!

Gather the boxes in advance

You can never have enough boxes when moving house. You can buy cardboard boxes to transport your belongings or get them for free from stores or friends. In big and small stores, there are often a lot of cardboard boxes lying around in the back, in which the goods arrive. They are unnecessary and often go to waste, so stores sometimes give them away for free, just ask!

You can also get cardboard boxes from your friends and neighbors – a post on a facebook wall or a neighbourhood group will surely bring up at least a few people who have recently collected packages and still have cardboard boxes waiting to be thrown away

The obvious advantage of collecting cardboard from stores and neighbors is that it’s completely free. The downside, on the other hand, is the time it takes to tour stores and the homes of people who want to donate cardboard boxes. It can take up to several weeks to collect enough cardboard boxes this way. The disadvantage is also that unfortunately the boxes are often damaged, torn or with holes. If this bothers you or you don’t have the time, buying cardboard boxes will be a great option

Get the right accessories

Stretch film and bubble wrap are useful for securing your belongings in transit. While stretch is unlikely to be reusable and it’s better to buy a new roll from, bubble wrap you can again – collect it from the packages you order and ask family, friends and neighbors for it

If you plan your packing well, you don’t need much bubble wrap at all. Pack glass, ceramics and other fragile items with a head – towels, cloths and clothes will be a great shock absorber and protection from bruises

You can tuck glasses into the sleeves of sweaters, separate glasses with soft towels and cover with a light layer of clothing or other cushioning items. You don’t always have to spend money and produce a ton of trash to protect your glasses from damage. Stretch film comes in handy for protecting electronics and household appliances.

Use what you have

If you have to transport a lot of stuff, it’s just a move from one student room to another, for example, think about whether you need cardboard boxes and fancy accessories at all. Sometimes it really is enough to borrow from friends two large suitcases, bags, and pack the rest in garbage bags, which you can still use later for their real purpose. Everyone knows that student life is not cheap, and any cash injection can be put to better use than on moving accessories. However, if you’re moving from your permanent residence, you probably won’t go without extra boxes and security

Tailor your packing to what you need to move, don’t combine heavy and hard items with fragile glass or brittle plastic, and make sure everything is properly secured. However, avoid extra costs and use what you already have. Also, try not to use disposable items that are not essential and will become trash after the move. Re-purpose cardboard boxes at a neighborhood group and help the next person move organically!

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