Step-by-step installation of countertop wash basins

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Would you like to install your countertop wash basin yourself? We will gladly show you how! We have broken down the process into a few steps, so that mounting countertop wash basins is as easy as pie!

Mounting countertop wash basins – is it worth doing it yourself?

Bathroom renovation is a costly endeavor, so it makes sense to do some of the work yourself. Tiling is a job that requires a bit of skill, but installing a countertop washbasin, for example, is a task that can be done by anyone with a bit of DIY knowledge.

Step one – choosing a good quality wash basin and accessories

Let’s start with the basics! Choose a decent countertop washbasin. It’s worth buying a product that is a bit more expensive, but is of the highest quality so that you can be sure it will last a long time. It is also not worth saving on accessories! A decent sink faucet is the basis, do not buy a very cheap tap and siphon, which will quickly begin to leak and we will be forced to replace them. Good quality products are a guarantee of satisfaction with their use for many years – it is worth remembering this.

Step two – determining places for holes and cutting them out

If we have already bought a washbasin and a tap, we can get down to work. First, you need to mark out the holes for the wash basin drain and the tap hoses. The hole for the drain is best drilled with a hole saw, the diameter of which is slightly wider than the hole for the drain in the sink. The hole for the tap hoses (there will be 2: for hot and cold water) can be drilled with a hole saw or a spade drill.

It is important to measure exactly how big a hole we need. We can not do it with a large margin, so that it does not turn out to be larger than the base of the tap. Drilled holes must necessarily be protected with liquid foil – so that if water gets there, we can be sure that the countertop will not swell.

Step three – mounting the washbasin tap

Once the liquid foil has dried, you can proceed to installing the basin mixer. The faucet is usually seated behind the basin, so it is best to install it before the basin is attached. Install the basin mixer in accordance with the tap manufacturer’s instructions.

Fourth step – mounting the countertop wash basin and the water trap

The next step is the mounting of the wash basin. Place the drain plug in the basin, and then position the basin on the countertop so that the drain is in the hole prepared beforehand. Put some wedges under the sink and inject some sanitary silicone in several places. Make sure that the silicone is not on the rim of the washbasin – it should be invisible, but only to secure the wash basin to the countertop. However, if you know that you spill water while using the sink and are concerned that it will flow under the sink and linger there, then consider putting a layer of silicone at the joint of the sink and countertop. To do this, simply turn the sink upside down and outline the edge of the sink with silicone, then set the sink on the countertop. The silicone should then be sprayed with water and smoothed with a special spatula. 

The last task is to install the trap – this should be done according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. When the work is finished, do not forget to test the tightness of the installation. 

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