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Air conditioning can really save our lives, especially on hot summer days. However, to perform its task fully, you need to take care of it properly. We suggest how to take care of air conditioning in the car and at home

Cold air is something we dream about on hot days. This solution gives us air conditioning, both the one in the car and the one at home. However, the air flowing from it should not only be pleasantly cool, but also clean. To such was it, you need to properly take care of air conditioning. We suggest how to do it

Car air conditioning

To air conditioning in the car works well, you should first of all remember to perform an annual check-up. Replaced then is the cabin filter, or dust filter – if you do not replace it, the air conditioning will not cool the air, but only mix it. During the service, the entire air conditioning system is also disinfected and de-fungified. This can be done with ozone or ultrasound. Remember also that once every 3 years it is worth replacing the dehumidifier, which is an element of the air conditioner that prevents moisture from accumulating in it and prevents rust from forming. It is also worth remembering that it is necessary to go to the inspection or replacement when you feel an unpleasant smell, you hear noise and the windows begin to evaporate.

In addition to periodic inspection and servicing of car air conditioning, it is also important to use it properly every day. Properly, means how? It is worth remembering about such small elements as a few minutes of ventilation of the car before switching on air conditioning and closing all windows, when it is already on. Thanks to this it will work much more efficiently and effectively. It is also important to use the air conditioning at least once a week, even in winter. If the mechanism is left unused for a long time, oil will build up on the A/C parts and the next time you turn it on, the A/C compressor will not be sufficiently lubricated. To avoid this, turn on your air conditioner for at least 10 minutes.

Home air conditioning

You can take care of your home air conditioning in many different ways. First of all, let’s start with the most basic, which is daily, superficial cleaning. Clean the air inlets and outlets with a soft, dry cloth. In case of heavy dirt, you can also use lukewarm water or a solution of water and mild soap. When it comes to a more thorough cleaning, you should do it about every two weeks and special air conditioner cleaners work best. Also remember to change the filter regularly

When it comes to indoor air conditioning, it’s also worth taking care of proper servicing, including disinfecting and preventing the growth of bacteria. You should then use a product such as an air conditioner descaler, which is non-toxic and prevents the growth of Legionella, a bacteria that likes rust and scale. This is a dangerous bacteria for humans as it can cause a number of different lung diseases – so we wouldn’t want to inhale it every time the air conditioner is turned on, would we? Decalcifying your air conditioner also helps to restore the efficiency of the components and prolongs their life. Air conditioner de-icer can also help you take care of the components of your unit

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