Building ideas for the hallway

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The hall represents our “four walls”, so it should be functional and aesthetic at the same time. The hallway is quite a cramped, narrow space. If its furnishing sounds like a challenge for you, read this article. You will learn how to make this space aesthetic and usable.

How to store clothes?

Jackets, coats, scarves, hats – if you want to expose them, the best choice will be a hanger, either standing or hanging. If you are limited by tight space, opt for the latter. Many stores offer hangers of original shapes – floral, abstract, animal. The choice is really big!

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Another solution is a closet in the hall. Ordered to measure from a carpenter will be a bit more expensive, but you will have a guarantee that you will be able to accommodate in it every piece of outer clothing. To make the hall seem more spacious, you may choose a built-in closet in the wall or with sliding doors, possibly equipped with a mirror. This will save a lot of space

If the hallway in your home is really cramped, try to have as few shelves and hangers as possible and designate them for guests. You can store your own clothes in an extra closet inserted in the bedroom.

Space for shoes

As with the closet, first decide whether your shoes should be hidden or elegantly displayed. A shoe cabinet with sliding doors won’t take up too much space and you can color-match it to the closet. On the other hand, a minimalist bookcase with several levels will be more comfortable to use and will expose your shoe collection. The decision is up to you.

Not sure what to choose? What if you could choose… everything?

Furniture stores tailor their products to customers’ needs, so buying a personalized built-in shouldn’t be a problem. Professionals will tell you which solution will best meet your needs. Hangers, shelves, a mirror – everything will be in it and will not require separate installation

Other interesting solutions

Another proposal will surely appeal to you, if you have stairs in your hallway. This is also an ideal proposal for all fans of Harry Potter. We are, of course, talking about utilizing the space under the stairs by building a closet. Its door can be matched with the color of the stairs, so that it doesn’t attract stares, or you can order an elaborately carved one, so that it emphasizes the elegant decor of the interior.

A slightly more extravagant, but very impressive idea will be placing a bookcase in the hall. Shelves will not take too much space, and colourful covers will be an extremely original decoration. If you have ever heard that “You spend too much time in the library!” or “If you could, you’d probably live in a bookstore” – this proposal is for you.

Blackboard paint – the most common way to use it is to paint a wall in a child’s room or kitchen. Maybe it’s time to use it in the hallway as well? Younger kids will surely like another place perfect for drawing. Older people can decorate it in their own way or write their favourite saying, a golden thought or an original greeting to guests

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