A small bathroom does not mean there is no room for style and chic! Your interior can be small, but still be classy and yet fulfil all its tasks. There’s definitely no room for boredom! Check out these five ideas for a small bathroom layout.

1. Minimalism

This is a trend that some choose and some are forced into it. In a small bathroom you must avoid maximalism. Opt for elegance, cleanliness and efficiency. Neutral colors, blank walls and clean lines will optically enlarge a small bathroom.

White in its various shades will make the bathroom cozy and neat. Use the recess in the wall as a shelf for cosmetics that you should have at hand. Her you will never accidentally nudge with your elbow. Do not forget about large mirrors in small spaces. This is an element without which no bathroom exists. A large mirror is a must-have. Illuminate it with led lighting to give it a unique look. Such light will make bathing a ritual that you will not want to end.

2. Glass shower doors and walls

An enclosed shower will not look good in a small bathroom. Devoid of a door or enclosed with light glass will be a better option. A light shower curtain is also an option! For extremely small bathroom interiors, a solution often found in Danish apartments – a shower just above the toilet – will work well. With this design, you don’t need any restriction of the shower area. It’s also an environmentally friendly option.

3. Stones, wood and light

These stylish additions are perfect for a small bathroom. Elegance and timelessness has always been and will always be in demand. These details will focus all the attention, distracting from the not-so-satisfying size of the bathroom.

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4. Look out the window

If you have the opportunity, add a window to your bathroom. If you’re covering it up or cluttering your windowsills with cosmetics, remove it as soon as possible and uncover the view! Natural light streams in through the window, which will add space and lightness to your bathroom. A strategically placed window will perform a miracle in your bathroom.

5. Eh, that moss

Moss? Where? Hardly anyone expects live tiles in the bathroom! They attract attention, fascinate and enliven a small space. They look phenomenal. Play with moss and do not be afraid of it in your home! You can decorate the whole wall next to the bathtub with it.

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