How to improve the aesthetics of the floor?

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Flooring is an important element of the interior that requires proper and systematic care. Read what you can do to improve both the durability and aesthetics of your floor

Importance of the flooring in interior

Unsightly looking floor has negative influence on the whole interior, especially because it is the first to catch our eye – usually only after it we focus our attention on walls and furniture. Naturally, the use of every surface, regardless of whether it is laminated panels, terracotta or natural wood, is connected with its destruction and abrasion. The material can also become deformed by moisture, heavy furniture, or pet interference

If you need to refresh your interior, you can replace the entire floor, but this is a time- and cost-intensive process. A slightly simpler solution is to replace only the top layer of the floor. You can opt for this if the quality of the subfloor allows you to do so. You can choose to replace the surface material with laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile, linoleum, wood or cork flooring, among others. When choosing a floor finish, make sure it is functional, will last you a long time and fits the parameters and character of the room

Care and maintenance of the floor

If you have a wood floor in your home that is still functional and safe to use, you may decide to refinish it by sanding. This type of refinishing involves removing the top layer from the boards

The process of sanding allows you to get rid of scratches, dirt and shallow holes. The next step of renovation may be lacquering or oiling the floor. By using varnish, you can add shine to the floor, highlight the color of the boards and at the same time protect the surface against moisture, which causes the floor to swell. Oiling, on the other hand, will neutralise discolouration and protect the floor against mechanical damage

It is also worth placing a doormat or carpet in the hallway. This will prevent sand and salt from being spread on the floor, which leads to scratching and weakens the durability of the wood. You should also limit walking on the floor in stilettos and avoid using strong detergents, which can damage the delicate wood and cause discolouration

To keep your floor in better condition, use felt pads that stick onto the legs of your furniture. You can also invest in a protective mat under your office chair, which is suitable for protecting floors, parquet and laminate flooring from damage. You should also avoid spilling liquids that could cause warping and bulging on the floor. A minimum amount of water should be used to clean a wood floor

For natural wood floor care, only use specialist products to ensure that they are not too invasive to the surface. Remember to use the quantity of product recommended by the manufacturer. You’ll find a wide selection of cleaners, conditioners and treatments designed to mask discolorations and scratches on the market

Plinth boards

When refinishing your floor, it’s also a good idea to take care of the details, such as skirting boards. Properly selected skirting boards will improve the overall aesthetics of the interior – they will be both durable and elegant setting for panels or tiles. They can also optically enlarge the space and cover up minor installation imperfections

Choose skirting boards made of high quality materials – the most popular models are made of wood, MDF, aluminum or ceramics. Remember to match the skirting board color to the remaining elements of the arrangement

Skirting boards and wall skirting boards

If you want to improve the quality of the spatial arrangement and finish the interior to a high standard, it is worth using skirting boards or skirting boards. They will constitute a perfect setting for a living room, corridor, bedroom and even bathroom

Skirting boards offer many design possibilities, and thanks to the use of plastic, they are resistant to moisture. You can use them to protect the wall from bruising and staining, as well as to create a smooth transition between the wall and the floor. You can find a wide range of designer finishes at

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