How to clean silverware?

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Silver cutlery is a beautiful addition to the table during an elegant dinner party, but what can you do when it loses its shine? Here are five ways to easily restore its shine!

Silver cutlery is a guarantee of elegance and beautiful decoration of every table. It is the essence of classics and good taste. Many people think that eating with silver cutlery should be done only occasionally, in order to keep its beautiful look for as long as possible. There are also other methods that will help prolong the life of the cutlery

How to store silverware?

To ensure that they last as long as possible, silver cutlery should be stored in the right way. Silver oxidizes relatively quickly compared to other materials. As a result, over time the top layer of silverware may develop a patina, which detracts from its aesthetic appearance

If you want to avoid damage, it is worth storing silver cutlery in a dark, dry place. It is advisable to invest in special boxes or lockers designed for storage of cutlery sets. Their interior is usually lined with soft fabric, which will additionally protect delicate surface of knives and forks and prevent them from scratching. This is why cutlery should not come into contact with each other.

Home methods for cleaning silver cutlery

Anyone who owns silver cutlery needs to take the time to keep it in great condition. This is affected by many different factors, such as the very way they are maintained. In addition to proper storage, it is also important to clean them thoroughly. After each use, they should be thoroughly washed and wiped with a microfiber cloth. It is worth remembering that this should be done manually, because silver cutlery cannot be washed in a dishwasher. Check out the home methods that will help you renew your silver cutlery set!


Everyone can find toothpaste in their home that works great for cleaning silver. What’s more, it’s a very easy and quick method. All you have to do is apply some toothpaste to a soft toothbrush, then gently polish your silverware in a circular motion. Later, just rinse them and wipe them thoroughly.

Soda and vinegar

Prepare a bowl in which you pour about 1 liter of hot water. Pour a teaspoon of baking soda combined with vinegar into it. This way to clean silverware is to leave them in the solution for several minutes. Finally, just rinse the silverware with water and then wipe it dry.

Lemon juice

Another great way to clean cutlery is to use lemon juice. The weak acid in it visibly brightens silver and also helps get rid of unsightly discoloration. All you need is lemon juice and a cloth to wipe the surface of the cutlery. Afterwards, you need to rinse the silver and then wipe it dry.

Table salt

Cutlery is cleaned by dissolving common salt in boiling water. There should be 125 ml of salt per liter of water. Silver cutlery can be kept in this solution in a deep dish for several hours, but the effects will be visible after only a few minutes.

Flour and water

To use this cleaning method, just make a smooth paste of potato flour and a small amount of warm water. Using it, polish the silver and finally rinse and wipe the tableware thoroughly.

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