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At a time when more and more attention is paid to ecological solutions, coal stoves are becoming obsolete and give way to safer solutions for the environment. Such a solution is precisely the pellet stove. We present all its advantages.

First of all, ecology

Increasingly deciding to modernize the heating system at home, in addition to an economic solution, we are looking for an ecological one. Care for the planet is particularly important, so it is worth starting from “our own backyard”. Pellets will therefore be a great solution, as they are one of the cleanest and safest types of fuel. It is also often referred to as green coal. During its combustion, incomparably less tarry substances are emitted and no ash is produced. Another advantage of pellets is that they not only do not contain harmful substances, but also do not emit unpleasant smells

Economical solution

Thanks to its high calorific value of up to 19 MJ/kg, pellets are also a very economical solution. So you can be sure that your monthly bills will be significantly reduced. And what exactly is pellet and how is it made? It is a fuel that takes the form of small granules (their size is a few millimeters) produced from renewable raw materials of plant origin – mainly wood waste, without any artificial additives. These granules are biodegradable and the raw materials for their production belong to the renewable group.

Keeping the stove clean

When using pellets for burning, keeping the stove clean is much easier. Thanks to the fact that during the combustion process much less ash is produced than with any classic coal. It is also wood dust, which, unlike coal dust, is easier to remove. Therefore, pellet stoves are extremely clean and easier to operate and maintain. In these stoves, most of the operations are automated and operation is reduced to adding fuel about once a week.

Benefits alone?

Despite the fact that pellets enjoy a huge number of advantages, there are also a few less favorable features. One in particular – the need to buy a stove. This is a considerable expense, but you can be sure that this investment will quickly pay off. A modern pellet stove can also become an elegant element of interior design. However, if you are not convinced, there is a way to bypass the purchase of a suitable device. A great alternative to the stove will be a pellet fireplace, which can function as the only source of heating. This is a solution that can additionally function in tandem with a boiler, for example, electric or gas. This allows you to avoid the expense of upgrading the entire heating system in your home. There are also many pellet fireplaces available on the market, including models with a water jacket and air-blowing fireplaces. Air fireplaces allow you to heat your home through the distribution of fire-heated air, while those with a water jacket work with your central heating system. They heat the water supplying the installation, which allows you to maintain a constant temperature in all the interiors. Fireplaces also have many aesthetic qualities, so they can become a decoration of your home.

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