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Autumn is approaching, and with it the heating season. Nowadays ecology is a very important topic, and firing a furnace with coal is not the most environmentally friendly solution. Searching for more ecological solutions for heating your home is necessary to stop the progressing climate catastrophe, and at the same time to ensure your thermal comfort in winter. Explore our suggestions for earth-friendly heating

Ecogas stove

While coal isn’t the most environmentally optimal option, eco-pea is the greenest choice among coal-based fuel. The stoves that can be fired with eco-pea are designed in such a way that nothing but coal can get into them. The automatic dispenser automatically pours the fuel into the stove, which eliminates the possibility of burning garbage and other undesirable materials in the stove. Lack of possibility of burning materials not intended for burning makes eco-pea stoves an ecological solution that helps to reduce smog

Pellet stoves

Another environmentally friendly solution is to fuel your stove with wood pellets or chip blocks. Pellets are made from compressed waste left over from wood processing. This solution is the true definition of zero waste, because from the leftover wood, i.e. chips, bark and dust and offcuts, something new is created that can still be used in practice. In addition, pellets and blocks made from them are characterized by very high combustion, so there is very little ash left, and in addition, very little smoke is emitted during burning. Thus, pellets are high-caloric and burn very well, but they have low emissions, thanks to which they do not pollute the air like other forms of fuel

Electric heating – it can be ecological and cheap

One of the most carbon-neutral home heating options is to combine electric heating with the installation of photovoltaic panels. Although electric heating in itself has little to do with ecology (power plants are coal-fired and emit massive amounts of dust, pollution and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere), in combination with photovoltaics, it is an ideal solution. If you decide to use such a method, ML System has been dealing with photovoltaics for years, on their website you can learn more about drawing electricity from the sun. Although the installation of solar panels is not the cheapest, the investment pays for itself quickly through lower electricity bills by up to 90%. This allows you to heat your home at a very low cost whenever you need to

Thermal insulation

The key to heating your home in an environmentally friendly way and reducing the cost of fuel or electricity, is proper insulation of the house. Well established and thought-out thermal insulation of the house will make the heat last longer inside, and thus you will use less fuel to heat the rooms. Investing in the insulation of the building is a very big savings in the long run. By the way, it is also an ecological solution, because the less material is burned, the less pollution goes into the air

A house must be a place where you spend your time comfortably. One of the factors ensuring comfort is the temperature in the rooms. An apartment that is cold in the winter will not be a cozy refuge. Take care of your home heating and, by the way, the planet by using one of the environmentally friendly solutions

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