Replacing the countertop in the kitchen step by step

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Replacing a countertop is undoubtedly something that can give our kitchen a whole new look. Check out how to replace your kitchen countertop with a new one step by step!

When is it time to replace the countertop?

The kitchen countertop is an extremely heavily used surface. It is constantly exposed to moisture, which often causes swelling of the material or other mechanical damage. Even if we try to take care of the countertop and use it gently, some things are difficult to avoid. It happens that after years even a durable and sturdy countertop needs to be replaced.

Sometimes the desire for such a change is also simply due to aesthetic reasons. If you want to change the look of your kitchen, but without a major overhaul, replacing the countertop can be a very good way. Check out how to carry out this process step by step.

Types of kitchen countertops

Before we get into instructions on how to replace your countertop, it’s worth considering what material you will choose this time. When making your choice, think about your needs and how you use your kitchen. Here are the most popular types of countertops:

  • laminate countertop – this is still the most popular type of countertop, which is also associated with its price. Extremely simple and inexpensive, laminate can have virtually any print and texture, so it offers plenty of possibilities in kitchen design;
  • wooden countertop – certainly gives the kitchen a unique look and looks beautiful. However, it should be remembered that wooden countertops are extremely delicate, although proper impregnation ensures their long life;
  • conglomerate countertop – similar in appearance to countertops made of stone, but conglomerate is lighter. Easy to clean and resistant to high temperatures and scratches;
  • stone countertop – cold to the touch and expensive, stone countertops still have many supporters who are tempted by their unusual design. It’s a diverse group – a delicate marble countertop is different from the much more durable granite.

Replacing the countertop in the kitchen – where to start?

Before replacing the countertop, clean up the space around it. You will need a lot of space, so get things like chairs and a table out of the room. Before starting work, prepare your tools: 

  • level, 
  • drill, 
  • screwdriver, 
  • measuring tape, 
  • painter’s tape, 
  • pencil, 
  • silicone. 

Replacing a kitchen countertop step by step

It’s a good idea to start replacing the countertop with the removal of the sink, as this is usually quite a demanding activity, so it’s better to get it over with quickly. Remember to turn off the water supply even before removing the sink! Then unscrew all the fasteners of the old countertop and start the removal. Sometimes countertops are heavy, so here you may need the help of a second person. 

Before you install the new countertop, thoroughly clean the place where it will be placed. It is possible that at least greasy stains have accumulated there. Once you have put your new – made to measure – countertop in place, seal the space with moldings. Also use silicone if necessary.

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