How to clean wooden furniture?

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Wooden furniture has a unique charm and enhances the aesthetic value of any, even the most modest interior. How to properly clean wood furniture to avoid permanent damage? Let’s check it out!

Cleaning wooden furniture – practical advice

Many people wonder how to clean wooden furniture, so that it retains its attractive appearance for many years. The basis for caring for wooden furniture is to purchase appropriate means, as well as to clean it regularly, gently and thoroughly at the same time. Thanks to regular treatments with the use of preparations of friendly, natural composition, the surface of furniture will not be exposed to possible permanent damage and the impact of external factors (such as tarnishing)

Daily dust removal is essential

How to start cleaning wood furniture? From rubbing off the accumulated dust – preferably with a soft microfiber or cotton cloth (rough cloths and sponges can lead to unsightly scratches). A useful gadget for cleaning – especially valuable antique furniture – is also chamois (a sponge covered with a thin and delicate sheepskin). A good alternative are special dust brooms made of ostrich feathers (ideal for vacuuming not only wood, but also other delicate objects, such as a crystal chandelier, glass display case or electronic equipment). How often should I dust? Ideally, daily or every other day.

Clean and beautiful wooden furniture – home methods

What agents should I use to clean wooden furniture? Avoid aggressive preparations with a chemical composition that can lead to peeling of the protective layer. A better solution instead of detergents will be to use products that each of us has in his kitchen

Vinegar and olive oil

A natural homemade cleaner already used by our grandmothers is a mixture of wine vinegar, which removes dirt, and olive oil, which has a moisturizing effect. Just soak a cloth in the solution, wipe the dirty surface and leave it to dry for about an hour. To enhance the effect, you can finally cover the furniture with a special wax for wood

Lemon juice and warm water

Another homemade way to get rid of dirt from wood furniture is to use lemon juice diluted in warm water. Add the juice squeezed from half a lemon to 0.5 liters of water, soak a cotton cloth in the resulting solution, carefully drain excess water and wipe the furniture that needs refreshing. Then wait several minutes and finally wipe the surface with a dry cloth. We guarantee that the furniture will shine like new!

Black tea

Black tea can also be used to clean wooden surfaces. Just brew 4-5 tea bags in 1 l of water and set aside to cool. When the infusion is cold, soak a microfiber cloth in it, squeeze well and wipe the furniture, and then use a dry cloth, so that no moisture remains on the surface. Remember that wooden furniture reacts badly to contact with water, so you should never clean it with a wet cloth (unfortunately, many people unknowingly make this mistake), but only slightly damp

Cosmetic petroleum jelly

If we want to mask scratches and cracks, we can use commonly available petroleum jelly for this purpose. How to use it? Just apply the product to the imperfections and leave it for several hours and when the petroleum jelly dries well, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

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We hope that with our practical tips, keeping your wooden furniture clean will be easy, efficient and enjoyable. Shelves, tables, dressers and benches will retain their natural beauty and will be a real ornament of your living room, bedroom, kitchen or other interior for many years.

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