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There are many types of bathtubs for the bathroom available in the market today. For this reason, choosing the ideal model can sometimes be a difficult challenge. We suggest what issues to pay attention to when making such a purchase

Type of bathtub and the size of the bathroom

A particular bathtub should be matched to the size of the bathroom. It should be of great importance when deciding on the purchase. For smaller rooms, rather small, rectangular models are chosen, because then you can save space. Corner bathtubs are also often purchased in this case. This allows you to place them in the corner, where they will fit perfectly. Asymmetrical bathtubs are a modern solution that gives an interesting effect. They are also suitable for very small bathrooms, for example, in an apartment with a small area. Their dimensions are extremely diverse, so you can easily adjust them to your preferences. This is an option for people who want to fit a shower in the bathroom as well. Then these elements can be located even in close proximity to each other

For slightly larger rooms, you can purchase modern, free-standing bathtubs. They may come in an oval shape, for example. This is a practical and extremely impressive option. It allows you to create a home spa lounge atmosphere. They can easily fit into many interior styles. In addition, they co-create a special zone, designed for relaxation. In case the space is a bit larger, then such a bathtub can even be located in the middle. It also looks brilliant under the window. Long, rectangular bathtubs or such round ones are also used in large bathrooms. You can afford models that are enhanced with interesting features, such as hydromassage, for example. This is due to the fact that such bathtubs are usually slightly larger

Available bathtub shapes

The shape of the bathtub affects the comfort of use. For this reason, it is such an important consideration. You can choose between oval, rectangular, slanted and curved models. Straight-sided bathtubs suit minimalist bathrooms. They come very often in a long version, so they are suitable even for tall people. They usually have a lot of space inside. Unfortunately, their disadvantage is that they often do not give good support for the back if they are not equipped with a wall drop. For this purpose, there are also bathtubs that have a rounded backrest on one side only

If you are looking for a model that will blend well with the aesthetics of the room, visit a store that offers bathroom fittings in Warsaw. Then you have the opportunity to see different arrangements live. With these, you can get some inspiration. This is a good option for people who are in the design stage. Experienced designers in such showrooms will help create interesting visualizations of bathrooms. This will allow you to see which shape of the bathtub will be best for a particular type of room

When choosing, also pay special attention to the length of the bathtub. Among other things, it depends on your height and the position you want to be in. Long and relaxing baths tend to work better in bathtubs with larger dimensions. Too small a size can make you get uncomfortable back or knee pain instead of relaxation. If the bathtub is to be used by a couple of people, adjust it to fit the needs of all the household members. This is not an easy task, but you will definitely be able to come to an agreement. It is better to do this before buying rather than subjecting others to discomfort later on. If you opt for stationary shopping, then you can simply check the size of the bathtub in practice. Then you also have the opportunity to consult with the professionals who work there

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