Are you renovating your apartment or house? Perhaps you have encountered a situation where you have run out of essential tools or materials needed to renovate the room you are renovating. It is the weekend. While DIY stores should be open, how do you solve a cash shortage when most banks accept loan applications on weekdays?

Difficulties in carrying out renovations

Everyone who has had contact with thorough renovation and finishing works, knows that no matter how long we prepare for them, there will always be hidden defects generating additional and unexpected costs. Sometimes a similar surprise can surprise not only us, but also our wallets. It may turn out that we do not have enough funds to deal with the problem

If the situation occurs on a weekday, Monday through Friday, it can be relatively easily resolved. It is enough to go to the nearest branch of our bank and make an appropriate application for a loan for the amount indicated by us. Of course, this is all on the assumption that you have the appropriate creditworthiness and do not have debt collector debts. However, what if similar difficulties meet us at the weekend? How to get cash, since most banks accept loan applications only on weekdays? How to get a loan on the weekend –

It can be helpful to use one of the many non-banking companies that provide express cash loans popularly known as instant loans. Of course, not all non-banking companies that offer instant loans guarantee express cash loans on weekends, but as you can see from the information on a popular website for comparing loan offers – – there are quite a few of them. If we want to increase the chance of express money being credited to our accounts even on the weekend, we should choose a loan company that transfers money using the same bank as ours. This is the basic rule that we need to remember if we want to receive money expressly

To whom are express loans given?

Express loans are granted by loan companies to all people who make a proper application and meet the following conditions. First, it must be a person of age, who has an income, has a bank account and is not listed in the national registers of debtors. The account has not been seized by a bailiff. He or she is a Polish citizen or a foreigner with a regulated stay in our country. These are the basic conditions that must be met in most cases of applying for a loan

How to reduce the risk of unexpected expenses when renovating?

First of all, a good project. Planning is the basis of any important project. Creating a good project, planning a list of necessary materials, products and accurately determining the scope of work necessary to carry out will allow us to create a clear cost estimate. Professional help will also be invaluable, especially in a situation where we do not have much experience in conducting renovation works. Thanks to this we will avoid unnecessary mishaps, which would only generate additional expenses and force us to make additional purchases of necessary materials

However, if we already meet an unexpected expense and will be forced to get money for it, it will be a good idea to use the offers of loan companies specializing in popular instant loans. Their ranking can be found at


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