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Autumn is coming, the day is getting shorter and shorter, and as a result, we spend more and more time in artificial light. A well lit room is bright, but not overexposed and pleasant to be in. This is especially important in the living room, where the family spends most of its time together. Such a place as a living room should have several sources of light, which give the possibility to illuminate it in different degrees and in different ways. Check out our suggestions for living room lighting

Gentle backlighting with LED tape

A great source of light and also a way to expose photos or works of art on the walls are led tapes. Not only do they provide a soft glow that gives you the opportunity to spend an evening in romantic twilight, it’s also a way to highlight special places in your living room. So you can achieve a double effect. Family portraits, vacation photos or a reproduction of your favorite painting or poster, can, thanks to the light illumination of the eye and be even more beautiful decoration of the family space. LED strips, which you can buy at https://sklep.profiled.pl/, can also illuminate walls from below. Mounted right next to the floor skirting board will create a very interesting, and at the same time delicate effect and illuminate the living room in a small, but sufficient, for example to watch movies, to a degree

Overhead lighting

The main source of light in most Polish homes is upper lighting. Large, ornamental chandeliers or simple lampshades are visible in almost every living room. Unfortunately, colourful lamps in fancy shapes do not match very modern, minimalistic interiors. Ideal for such living rooms will be plafonds, which perfectly illuminate large spaces and are neutral to the decor and practically invisible. Plafonds and simple, minimalist ceiling lamps can be found at https://skleplamp.pl/Plafony-c24. However, if you want the lampshade or chandelier to be a decoration of the interior, pay attention to the fact that it does not limit the spread of light. There are lampshades, which block the light, so that it falls point-wise only on the space under the lamp, and further edges of the room remain dark and underexposed. Especially in large living rooms, it is very important that the light of a bulb spills over the entire room and is not concentrated in one place

Wall lamps – a romantic way to light up your living room

If you don’t like overhead light but you want to have a well-lit living room, wall lamps are a perfect solution. You can find a wide selection of them at https://novalamp.pl/kinkiety. Wall lamps in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and colors, can not only be a source of light, but also a great decoration of the living room walls. In side lighting everything looks better, softer and more delicate. That’s why many people give up ceiling lights in favor of just wall sconces and standing and table lamps. This can be a very good way to control the level of light in a room. All lamps give strong light, but lighting only a few can give a wonderful effect of a light twilight.

Light is very important in any home. Equally important is its source and how it looks and blends with the interior design. Choose the style of lamp and type of lighting in which your living room will look best.

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