Is it worth installing glazing in interiors?

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Modern interiors are bright and full of light. In architecture, glazing is now often used as an element that is supposed to diversify the appearance of rooms and bring in as much sun as possible. But is it worth to invest in glazing in your home? Is such decoration is definitely a good idea? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of having glazing in your home.

Bright, sunny space

Definitely a big advantage of glazing in the wall is that much more natural light enters the room than through a window. Bright, sun-filled living rooms are the trend right now, and aside from the trends, you also have to admit that such spaces are just plain nice. The sun brings a warm, family atmosphere to the room and makes it seem more welcoming. This is a most welcome effect in the home

Low durability of glass

A fairly obvious disadvantage of glass as a building material of any building is its fragility. Of course, thicker and more durable glass is used for glazing than for windows, but still, this material will never be as impact resistant as a wall

The solution to this problem, however, may be to replace the glass with polycarbonate panels, which are characterized by very high light transmission, and in addition are much more resistant and durable than glass. You can learn more about the properties of polycarbonate and its use in construction at

Fashionable and interesting design

Glazing undoubtedly brings variety to the interior. If you care about an original and original decor, put a glass wall for example in the living room or bedroom. Such an element will add a modern character to the room and make the whole room more stylish. Glazing works especially well in small rooms as it creates the impression of more space, making the interior less claustrophobic

Washing and cleaning glazing

Unfortunately, there is no denying that glazing is a bit cumbersome when it comes to keeping it clean. After the rain, the windows no longer look aesthetically pleasing and need to be washed, while the inside gets dirty practically non-stop. Fingerprints, greasy marks, dust and a lot of other dirt make it very difficult to live in a house with glazing. This is a big disadvantage – glass, to be a decoration of the house, must always shine clean, otherwise, even in a tidy space, it will create a messy impression

Beautiful views – natural decoration at home

If you live in a charming area, around your house is surrounded by fields or forest, a glass wall will be an extraordinary decoration. Views from behind the glass will become, as it were, a changing and seasonal wall mural. Images of nature are the best decoration for a room, especially if they are authentic views from behind the window.

Poor thermal insulation

Glass or polycarbonate is unfortunately not the best insulator of heat. If you opt for glazing in your home, you may find that those rooms where glass walls are present are simply cool. While with a window this effect is felt to a very small degree, with an entire wall you may feel this property of glass more acutely. Glazed homes may experience higher heating costs for this reason, and the heat delivery itself may be less effective than in fully insulated buildings.

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