How long does paint take to dry? Principles of good wall painting

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What does paint drying time depend on? The most important information is provided by the labels on the packages. However, we must remember that only on a dried paint can we put another layer. Otherwise, we risk unpleasant consequences – including peeling and falling off parts of the coating. How to avoid it? We suggest.

Why is it so important for the paint to dry well?

When using latex, acrylic or ceramic paints in interior painting, you should know how long they take to dry. As it was already mentioned – it is important because of that you can put another coat of paint. Do not forget, however, that only after the paint dries are the properties optimal and you can use the surfaces covered with it as planned

What can affect how long paint dries?

There are a number of factors that are responsible for longer or shorter drying times of paint on a wall. What should you pay attention to?

Why is priming so important?

Is the surface to be painted worth priming? Does it have a direct influence on how long it takes for the paint to dry? The answer is twice yes! Priming before painting is supposed to even out the absorbency of the substrate. Then not only the visual effect will be the same, but also drying time will be even.

What else should you pay attention to?

The drying time of paint will also be affected by the conditions inside the room and outside the window. It is primarily a combination of temperature, humidity and possible ventilation. Remember that the information given by manufacturers refers to typical conditions. The situation may be quite different and then the drying of the coating will be faster or slower

What should be the humidity level during painting?

It is recommended that humidity in the room being painted should not exceed 80%. The temperature should be above 5 degrees Celsius and the surface should be dry

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How long does it take for different types of paint to dry?

In case of vinyl or silicone paints, drying usually takes up to 3 hours. Latex or acrylic paints usually take 2 hours to dry. However, you need to pay attention to the fact that the paint dries in several stages. Here we are dealing with just the first of them

When can another coat of paint be applied?

Although the surface drying of paint is already after 2 or 3 hours, a little more time must pass before applying the next coat. Typically, about 6 hours is recommended.

When to place furniture?

However, normal use of a recently painted wall should be at least 24 hours after the last coat has been applied. However, keep in mind that there are paints that can achieve their full properties only after a few or more days after painting. It is especially about those preparations, which features are stain-resistant, washable and scrubable

How to speed up the drying of paint?

If we really want our painted surface to dry faster, we can use several effective methods. What to remember?

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The principle of mixing “wet with wet”

However, we should remember that before we decide to speed up drying, we should paint the entire surface of a given wall. This should be done before the paint dries completely. Why is it necessary? This way, we will avoid unsightly streaks and streaks

Simple ways to make paint dry faster

It is worth starting with the simplest way, which is ventilating by opening the windows. Of course this method has some limitations – one of them is the weather outside the window, which can worsen the results. An alternative would be to turn on the central heating. If we really want the walls to dry faster, we should invest in buying or renting a dehumidifier. Lower power devices, such as those used in bathrooms, can also be useful. However, the drying rate will be a bit slower

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