Paints and veneers – ways to change the look of your furniture

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More and more people are choosing to redecorate their furniture on their own. This allows you to give them an exceptional and unique character. The ideal way to change the appearance are paints and veneers. We tell you how to get started with such a change.

Furniture with veneer – how to paint?

Most often it is furniture with veneer that are processed by us. You can decide for example to repaint them. This is the simplest solution, but it is necessary to prepare it properly. For example, acrylic paints for metal and wood will work well for furniture with veneer. It is worth using them for furniture, which are not too often used. Such paints are safe for health and can be diluted in water, while providing good coverage and durability. Oil-based paints, on the other hand, will work best on furniture that is more heavily used.

Laminated furniture is slippery, so before painting it is worth using a special primer, which will increase the durability of the paint. Special renovation, chalk or spray paints will also work very well.

What kind of veneer should I choose?

Furniture veneer should be self-adhesive and flexible. This will allow for easy installation and subsequent use of the furniture. It is worth paying attention to the flexibility, because some veneers are rigid. These will work well to renew the countertop, but for a large surface, especially vertical, they are not very suitable, because they can be uncomfortable. It is also better not to use those glued with hot glue, because they can damage the surface. A more flexible veneer is easier to install on furniture.

Water resistance of the veneer is also an important feature. Each room has different humidity levels and this should be taken into account. Veneer that is not water resistant will deteriorate faster. Water resistance is important especially when renovating bathroom furniture or tables, because even putting a wet glass can damage the surface.

An interesting solution is wood veneers, which are available in many patterns. So it will be easy to choose the perfect one for yourself and match it with the rest of the furniture or the style of the room. For people who want to add even more variety to the interior, a good way to do this is with mirror veneers on furniture. It gives the effect of a mirror, without incurring higher costs.

What tools will you need?

When wrapping furniture, you will also need the right accessories and tools. Sandpaper will come in handy, because the surface you want to veneer should be smooth. Sandpaper will allow you to remove old veneer or paint. A preparation with alcohol, in turn, will serve to degrease the surface. You will also need a knife, preferably one for cutting wallpaper. It will be easier to cut larger elements with the help of a long ruler. In turn, a special furniture edge bander will be the best choice for aesthetic finishing of furniture edges.

On larger surfaces, a paint roller may be necessary to evenly lay down the veneer. A knife and squeegee, i.e. a special squeegee, will help remove air bubbles from under it.

What colors and patterns should I choose?

The choice of paint or veneer depends only on individual preferences. You can easily choose them so that they match the rest of the furniture. However, you can also choose to emphasize the style of a particular piece of furniture by contrasting its color with the rest of the furniture. With dark brown furniture, for example, gray paint works well.

In addition to repainting or veneering the furniture, it is also advisable to opt for new furniture handles or legs for cabinets or tables.

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