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The entrance to your home and the lot around it are your true showcase. After all, these are the elements that not only you and other household members, but also your guests see first. So it is worth taking care to make this area look as good as possible. We suggest what you can do to make the plot around your house delightful.

When arranging your home, it is worth focusing not only on its interior, but also on what is happening outside. After all, the lot around your home is the first thing you see when you cross the property. So find out what you can do to make your entrance and the area around it look beautiful.

A path straight to the door

An interesting and extremely aesthetic idea for the area around the house and at the entrance is a path leading to the door. So if the size of the plot allows it, in addition to the classic driveway, it is worth making such a separate path connecting the gate with the house. Such an access will be much more intimate and exceptionally nice. If you want to make sure that your path to the house will be comfortable, remember that it should not be less than 80 cm wide. You should also make sure that the path leads from the gate straight to the door – the shortest possible route will make the paved surface take up as little space as possible and be comfortable and practical to use. When looking for the right materials to make a path, be sure to check out the Stylowy Bruk website.

The key element, or the front door

A very important element of the area in front of the house is also the front door. Their proper selection will make the whole arrangement harmonious and aesthetic. However, it is important that their choice is well thought-out. So what should you pay attention to when choosing an entrance door? First of all, the material they are made of. The most popular solutions are those made of pine and spruce wood, as well as beech or oak. In the anti-burglary version wood is combined with steel sheet, which strengthens the structure. Wooden exterior doors are characterized by timeless beauty, as well as high thermal and acoustic insulation. An interesting and functional solution is also PVC, fiberglass, aluminum and steel. When choosing exterior doors, pay attention to the level of security – a large role is played here by the solidity of the execution of the model, as well as a multipoint locking system (at least 3) using hard to break locks. In addition, exterior doors should be adapted to the facade and interior walls. Here you can bet both on a model in a similar color tone, as well as in a shade that contrasts with the walls.

If you are looking for the perfect door, be sure to visit the website of the manufacturer of front doors https://inspiro.online/drzwi-zewnetrzne-wejsciowe.

Plants in front of the house

Undeniably, the best decoration for the area in front of your house are plants. You can be sure that the area around your plot will be truly stunning. But which plants should you choose? Start by planting at least one tree or shrub. If your front yard is small, you can opt for slightly smaller varieties such as Judas tree, acetic sumac, Golden Globe, Pendula hornbeam, catalpa and many ornamental apple, cherry and magnolia trees. Weeping trees will also work well. It is also a good idea to plant various perennials such as ivy grass, wooly purse, creeping bush, yellow warbler or thymes between shrubs. Also remember to properly nurture the planted plants, for example, using fertilizer available at https://arkop.pl/.

Main photo: Martin Kníže/unsplash.com

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