Decking is a frequently used material for building home terraces, which look very aesthetic. However, it requires proper care in order to serve us for years.

Which agents for impregnating decking boards are worth choosing?

Terrace boards made of wood, despite their undoubted charm, require careful protection against various weather conditions. Why? Because wood is a natural material that is susceptible to fungi, mildew and blue stain. The choice of preparations for impregnation of wood is really large – stain stains, varnishes, pastes, oils … What is suitable for its effective protection? What agents are worth using during spring maintenance work? In the opinion of experts and long-standing users of wooden decking, the best impregnating preparations include oils, which penetrate deeply into the structure of the surface of decking boards and effectively protect them against dirt, rainwater, blue stain, algae and UV rays (sunlight may cause wood to fade and reduce its aesthetic value). Importantly, the oils do not form a thick layer that could peel off during use. It is a good idea to purchase a special oil designed for the type of wood your decking is made of. Especially if you want to preserve the original color of the wood (especially exotic wood like teak or merbau).

How do I protect my decking effectively? Basic information about terrace oiling

Before impregnating the decking, the surface must first be properly prepared by thoroughly cleaning the boards of the previous season’s dirt. This can be done with a hard brush or water under pressure. The next step is to sand the boards gently – if the decking was previously varnished. For smooth boards, this is not a difficult task; however, sanding of grooved boards should be done by professionals. Once the decking boards have been sanded, they need to be thoroughly scrubbed with a brush and cleaner until they show their natural, original color under a layer of gray tarnish. The next step is to apply the oil – it is very important to mix it thoroughly. In fact, you should stop painting the boards every few minutes and regularly stir the agent. Otherwise, the pigment may settle to the bottom of the can and you will get an uneven color of the terrace. Rub the product in with a hard-bristled brush or cloth, always along the grain of the wood.

How often should I oil a wood deck?

If it is covered, at least once a year. However, if the decking is exposed to direct sunlight, we recommend oiling it twice a year (before winter and in spring). Weather conditions are also important. The minimum outdoor temperature for oil impregnation is 10 degrees Celsius with an upper limit of 25 degrees Celsius.

Wood decking impregnation – common mistakes

What are the most common mistakes made by wood decking owners? A common “sin” is buying the wrong impregnating agent and using it at your own discretion rather than according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Remember to always read the application instructions for a given product and its properties. Many people fail to check the condition of the wood coating on an ongoing basis and put off maintenance work indefinitely – unfortunately, a lack of regularity in this matter may have a very negative effect on the appearance of the terrace.

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We hope that you find our tips useful and that they will make your terrace look beautiful for many years, despite intensive use.

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