Light and mirror! – Clever solutions for small interiors

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Interior design only on the surface seems to be a simple task. But in fact it requires appropriate thought and planning, also in terms of lighting. In small rooms, the play of light or mirrors can work wonders!

Play of light in a small arrangement

Change in the arrangement does not have to mean a complete overhaul. If we think that our living room, bedroom or maybe kitchen could use a metamorphosis, often a small change is enough. It does not have to be expensive at all.

Not many people realize, that changing lamps will give a noticeable effect. Especially, that thanks to properly selected lighting you can, among others:

  • optically reduce or enlarge the room,
  • make the room more cozy and atmospheric,
  • optically warm the interior,
  • expose selected fragments of space.

Therefore, at the beginning it is worth considering what really should be changed in the current arrangement and what kind of result we want to achieve. Do we want to optically enlarge the room, or for example emphasize its climate.

In terms of lighting an interesting solution are the led tapes, which can be used in the bathroom. If we care about visual effects, it is worth placing such lighting under the bath, shower or around the shelves. Adding your favorite music, we will get the “wow” effect. If we go in the direction of modernity and originality, you can use tapes with changing colors. There are many types of LED strips, so we can choose the right width, thickness and power of the strip to our expectations.

Lighting in a small apartment

As you know, light can work real miracles. However, proper lighting affects many factors, such as

  • the size and height of the room,
  • the purpose of the room (if it is a room for work, it is worth taking care of good lighting with a cooler or neutral light; while places for rest, such as living room or bedroom, should be illuminated with a slightly warmer and gentler light),
  • access to natural light,
  • the style in which the room is decorated.

You should also be aware that in order to illuminate the room well, you need to set the lighting properly. It is not enough just to choose the lamps, bulbs or wall lamps. In small rooms a good choice will be wall lamps with a movable arm. They will allow you to manipulate the setting of the angle of incidence of light

Other elements of decor also have an influence on the play of light. Blinds, curtains, lanterns, candles, and mirrors all contribute to it. Take, for example, the living room, a multifunctional place: intended for meetings, play or relaxation. In this room will work furniture and accessories that you can move around, so that you can not only quickly metamorphose the room, but also get a different play of light

In the living room, it is best to get light from different places. A table lamp, wall lamps or a floor lamp will warm up and optically enlarge the room and expose paintings or photo frames hanging on the walls. And when we want to get a bit more romantic atmosphere – they will build the mood after turning off the top light

Mirror that works wonders

Natural light can be obtained in the room, of course, by means of windows, especially large format windows. If we do not have the possibility to have them in the room, you can use some decorative tricks, in the form of hanging lighter curtains or curtains or use roller blinds, which let more light through. Although dimmed light sets the mood, it optically diminishes the room. Bright lampshades and slender standing lamps or small, spot halogen lamps will allow to obtain the appropriate lighting effect

To optically enlarge the space with the play of light we can also use mirrors. They will allow you to even double the size of the room and get the impression of more light in the room

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Much depends on their type and how they are hung. It should be borne in mind that mirrors hanging horizontally can optically expand the interior, while those mounted vertically – to lengthen it. For the best effect, you can place the mirror opposite the entrance. What is undeniable is that mirrors are a willingly used addition to the interior decoration

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