Housing in a block has its pros and cons. In favor of blocks is the great convenience provided by the housing cooperative and the administration of the building.

The shadow of living in an apartment, on the other hand, is the small area on which the family’s entire life must fit. The most problematic room is usually the bathroom, which, compared to single-family houses, is microscopic in size. However, the currently fashionable bathrooms with bathtub and shower are not beyond the reach of residents of blocks of flats. Find out how to furnish a fashionable, comfortable and functional apartment bathroom.  

Bathtub combined with shower  

Popular during the communist era, showers mounted above the bathtub are not usually associated with fashionable decor or contemporary standards in decorating. Today, this patent is still used, but in a slightly altered form. Instead of a mottled curtain, the bathtub is partitioned with glass, which resembles modern shower cabins. This is a doubly functional solution – not only during a shower the water will not splash all over the bathroom, but also when taking a bath in such a cabin the heat is maintained for a longer period of time. Such a bathtub is an excellent way to make sure that in a small bathroom you do not give up either the comfort of bathing in a bathtub, or the time savings that a shower provides. This patent will work even in a really small bathroom in a slab block. 

Shower without a shower tray and corner bathtub  

Another way to save space and fit both a bathtub and a shower in the bathroom is to forgo the shower tray and install a corner bathtub. A shower tray always takes up a lot of space, especially if it is encased in tiles. If you opt for a floor shower with a cabin made of thin glass, you can gain up to 20 to 30 cm of additional space. Such a solution can be combined with a corner bathtub and placed in one corner of the bathroom, while the shower and wall are mounted on the opposite wall. If you have a long but narrow bathroom, in this way you can easily fit both elements. Such unusual arrangement of equipment and their surprising forms will add extravagance to the decor and produce a really interesting effect.

Arranging a large bathroom

If you are lucky and the bathroom in your apartment is large, or if you have managed to move the walls in such a way as to enlarge the bathroom, you can afford the luxury of a device without compromise. In a large space you can easily compose a decor straight out of a catalog. You can go wild with accessories without the risk of the room becoming cluttered or claustrophobic. So the bathtub can be large, with shelves and a comfortable backrest, and the shower spacious, like in a hotel. In case the bathroom’s square footage allows it, don’t be afraid to experiment with the interior style and accessories. An interesting gadget for a large bathtub is an overlay, serving as a table while bathing. You can place candles and a vase of artificial flowers on the wide edge of the bathtub, which will give the bathroom a more exclusive character. The shower, on the other hand, will look great separated by large glazed tiles, which will only look good in a larger space. 

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